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It is a pc (Dell). The disc does not show up as in the drive on itunes. We just updated itunes a couple of weeks ago. Also, my ds's computer game didn't show up as in the drive, so I know it's not just an itunes issue. The drive is a couple of years old. We had our last computer for much longer, though, and never had the laser burn out. Is this easily remedied or not worth it since our computer has also been getting slower lately?
I went to put a cd into my itunes library the other day and nothing happened. No sign on itunes that there is a disc there or anything. I thought it was odd, got distracted and forgot about it. Then another day ds2wanted to play an I Spy game that we have, I put the disc in and nothing happened. I tried several other cds and nothing was recognized. I'm not sure where to begin in trying to figure out what's wrong and how to make it right. Any ideas?
My oldest wore an 11 when he was six years old and my middle son wore that size at four years old.
I don't post very often, but wanted to share. My 18 month old dd has a genetic disorder called cri-du-chat. In the past couple of weeks she has started to want to walk more often. She went from holding two hands to holding one hand and has even taken steps by herself. It's hard to believe that before too long she'll be walking.
I noticed this, too. My 7 ear old read a few of those and is now reading Secrets of Droon books, which he likes better.
My son turned 5 on the second day of school this year. He in only on his 5th day of kindergarten, but I think we made the right choice for him. I was happy to see that not all the boys are being redshirted at his school. My older son has kids that turned 8 before school started in his 2nd grade class, but there are other boys with Aug birthdays who started on time in my younger son's kindergarten class. Ds2 has been playing with ds1's friends for two years now, he is...
I'm with you. I have a 7yr old, 5 yr old and 18 mnth old. I prefer to plan to meet people at places like the park. My oldest has asked me to go to his friend's house from school. I really don't trust his friend's mom for one thing, and I wouldn't know what to do with his younger brother even if I was okay with it. It tends to get tougher in the winter time. I stick with people with parents who stay with their kids and don't mind me staying with mine. We spend a lot...
Thanks for the responses. I have to figure out my work schedule for when the boys go back to school. I'm definitely leaning towards the music and movement class for the slightly younger age group. They do offer a swim class, too, but it is from 3pm-4pm and the boys will be out of school by then. I may look into ymca swim classes for her. She loves the water and would surely enjoy it.
My dd is almost 18 months old. She has a genetic disorder and is doing great, although she is a bit behind on walking and talking. She is cruising and seems to be getting close to walking on her own. She has three therapists- physical, developmental and speech. I think it would be nice, though, for her to spend some time around other babies/toddlers once her brothers are in school. Our local community college has two classes that I'm considering. They don't start...
The house is actually an upstairs, downstairs duplex and has only one main entrance in the front. There is a side entrance for the upstairs apartment. I figure the only major thing we'd have to do would be to turn the upstairs kitchen into a bathroom or laundry room. My dh is not sure if he wants to get into remodeling a duplex, but it might actually be less work than would need to be done on the house that we're currently considering...
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