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Yay for you and your little ones!   What great weights!!!   I'm still here and preggo! 
I'm delivering in the hospital with my twins and my OB is not requiring an epi.  He recommends it, but it's not required.  I would never consent to an induction at 36 weeks.  My OB is not a fan of going past 40 with twins, but that's a far cry from 36.     Good luck to her!
I'm still here too!!!   I'm 37w2d.   How ya feeling?!
I'm 36 weeks 6 days with di/di twins........and nothing.  No mucus plug, no contractions, nada!  Loving watching all these babes being born!
I'm still here too!   35w2d today....Baby a is Vertex, Baby B is transverse.  Still planning on a vaginal birth.   Getting REALLY uncomfortable!  But hanging in and trying to grow these babes as big as possible!!
  Name? (if you feel like it)    -     Gretchen   You and maybe your partners age at the birth?     - 34 me/36 Husband   Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?     -     Di/Di   What number of kids will is be for you?    -     3 and 4   Genders? Will you be finding out?    -     2 more boys!   EDD and or planned birth timing?      -     April 24, 2011   State you live in?    -    ...
What great weights!!!   Have you been trying anything to get them to flip?  Chiropractic?  Spinning Babies?  Moxibustion?  Getting in the pool and flipping?   My doc will deliver vaginally provided Baby A is head down.  A has gone from transverse, to vertex, to breech, since Christmastime. My baby B has been transverse for as long as I've known about him!
Are you all eating the high protein foods and then drinking the glucola?   Or just eating high protein and skipping the drink?
Hmmmm.....I just found out about them last week - I thought I was just having one!  :)   Definitely have more reading to do.  All I know is that two different sonogram techs told me they were di/di?!?     I will keep researching - I am trying to absorb this all at a rapid rate!
They have separate amniotic sacs and separate placentas.  :)
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