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I lived in Memphis my entire childhood ( I am now in Nashville).  I love Memphis and I often wish that I was back home.  I had a great childhood there and I wish I was there raising my own children.  I feel that change is on the horizon in Memphis.  I would to be a part of the movement thats going there.  Be encouraged!
Yes, there are midwives in Memphis.  It is Full Circle Midwifery.  They are great. We can chat about it anytime PM me 
Memphis's natural scene is growing.  I am not sure what area you will be living but there are a lot of progressive families in midtown ( I can only speak of that area because I use to live there).  I have found small pockets of the type of families you are looking for.  They are out there.
We have our first appoinment with him in a week, I am so excited!!!
I know the lady who use to be the director, she speaks so highly of the school.  We also have several friends who attend, they like it.  I am not sure how old your child is but the people we know are 2nd graders. So, far the experience has been great.
It is called East Nashville Homeschool Assoiciation.  Don't let that scare you, we have members who don't live in East nashville
Are you looking for full time? Will you consider home care?? There are several great options, it depends on what you are looking for. Feel free to PM and I will give you any info I have.
I also just moved to the Antioch/Nashville border. The neighborhood I'm isnt at urban and trendy as I like. It's a very quiet area. I second living close to the lake seems better. I am minutes for lavergne and symrna( I do a lot of my shopping here).  Good luck
Hello, I am a homeschooling mom, not secular though. But we bellong to a group that meets a few times a month and it is diverse. Unschoolers, eclectic,school at home and you name it!! What part of Nashville are you all considering.
I if I can get enough people together, I don't mind hosting so if you are interested please PM and I will see if I can pull this thing together!!
New Posts  All Forums: