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I have moments as a parent that I have flipped out on my children.  I start yelling and acting upset.  It hasn't happened very often but it has happened.  I don't regret it.  Afterward, I have sat down with the kids and apologized.  I explained that I was in a horrible mood and I am having a hard time getting out of it.  I am sorry for yelling and acting like that.  They forgive me and we move on.  I think it is important to show them that life happens from time to time...
For fostering it would be pretty quick I think.  I know someone who finished her classes and shortly after adopted a baby girl so hopefully not too long.
So we have our second class out of 9 on Thursday.  It is once a wk.  Our teacher is our homestudy worker so hopefully he will call soon to come out and meet our family.  First we just wanted to adopt a son 6 and under but now we are considering fostering children under the age of 2.  We'll see what happens.  First we have to wait and see if we are approved in a couple of months after our study.  Eeeeeeek!  Exciting times!
I am having a discussion with people and they are stating that it is common for people to need a circ later in life.  Is there some info on this that I can back myself up?  I know doctors rush to circ at any sign of an issue.  Where is the info on this?
I believe this is an old thread but we are studying WW2 with my children and we have read Corrie Ten Boom.  The Children's version.  We also read Honey Cake.  It is much more geared for younger children.  I would say Corrie Ten Boom would be for grade 5 and up and Honey Cake maybe grade 2?  I have read them with my gr 3, gr 4 and gr 6 children.  
I am not sure what your son has gone through but my daughter who is 6 will occasionally hurt her younger sister on purpose who is just about 3.  I am pretty sure I know why she does this.  Her younger sister gets a lot of attention and she is envious of her.  Sometimes I will catch her with a look of anger on her face and she is pushing or hitting.  For my daughter, I know she doesn't need to see someone.  I need to be more attentive to her and address it properly.  If...
Ah yes I loved the baby diapers!  They slit open the diaper and stuffed it with ice.  It numbed me and it felt wonderful!  Pads worked as well by filling with water and putting them in the freezer but those leaked a bit.  The diapers worked the best.
I think if you are adopting they will want you to be able to financially care for the children.  You don't have to have a lot of money but enough.  In Canada, you get money when you foster so it may be different that way.  Good luck! :)
There is a section on mothering for miscarriage and loss.  You may get more answers there?  I think it is fairly normal from what I have read.  I don't think you would get sick.  Your body will do what it needs to do.  I hope you have someone there for you for support. Hugs mama.
We start our training in March!  Here we go! :)
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