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I researched for my dad.  Raw veggies are good.  Fruit.  Not sure about grapefruit with chemo.  Check that out.  No sugar.  I made my dad shakes.  Young coconut liquid and veggies in a blender.  What about looking into cancer or leukemia forums?  There must be a lot of people who have researched this very thing to help them.  I am sorry to hear about your friends son.  That would be very hard.
We have six from 2-11.  Yes, it does get easier.  The older ones become independent.  They can go outside on their own.  They can shower and get ready for bed on their own.  Sure it is hard for these years but they will grow older and I will be very happy that we have a large family with large family gatherings. :)  We are considering having another soon.  We'll see.
We are just starting the process.  We want to adopt through CAS.  Children's Aid Society.  We will be getting a call in Jan to tell us if our paperwork and home check went ok.  The weekend classes start in May and will be about a month.  During that time we would have a case worker do a home study and get to know us more.  We are hoping to adopt 1 or 2 boys (possibly siblings) 6 or under.  We have 6 children ranging from 2-11.  It is a dream of mine to give a child a...
So we had someone come out to our house before the holidays to see the house.  It seemed like all will be fine to start the classes in May.  She said she will let us know after the holidays once she talks to her supervisor.  The classes are in May because we want weekend times.  After the classes (a few weekends) we would be waiting for a call.  We are hoping to adopt 1 or 2 boys (siblings) 6 or under.  I don't mind waiting for now.  We just moved in the end of Nov. so we...
If I were in your situation, I would tell the head of the school.  It is the right thing to do.  That young child has been exposed to sexual things even if it is just the book.  She needs help.  She will most definitely do this to other children and expose them.  As a parent, it is our responsibility to protect other children as well.  Yes, you need to protect your daughter but many other children will probably be put in situations as your daughter was.  In my opinion, it...
This post makes me feel stressed out because that boy is my son.  Not literally.  He is 8 and doesn't have a filter.  We have wondered if maybe he has high functioning asperger's but we don't know.  With age he is getting better with social interaction.  He is now reading social cues better so that is a relief.  I do work with him to help him understand what is appropriate to say and what isn't.  He would say all of those things but in a naive way.  Not a mean way.  I...
Thank you for explaining it for me.  It makes sense now. :)
Thank you SO much!  I am going to use these suggestions!
We are moving out of our house on Oct 18th into a bigger one.  We do have a month in between houses so we will be staying at my parents house during that time.  Hopefully we can move up the date for the other house. What tips/suggestions would you give someone who is moving?  We are packing boxes and labeling which rm it will go in.  Any good ideas to help this move go smoothly?
Miranda, Do you think you could give an example of what you mean about indexing?  I don't quite understand what you are saying.  Thanks.
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