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I remember being terrified that I was ruining my children!  Through time and experience you will realize what a wonderful decision you made.  Have fun!!!
My SIL and her 3 sons are deaf.  My brother is hearing impaired.  I am starting signing classes at the college next month.  For me, the best way for me to learn is to be around my SIL.  I pick up so many signs when I am with her.  She explains it well and the reason behind the sign.  She explained that the English language talks and talks and then gets to the subject.  For ex. I am going to go to the store.  The subject is at the end.  With sign they always say the...
Was the 14yo drinking with everyone?  If a situation like this arises again I would somehow get her out of there.  I wouldn't leave her there with a bunch of drunk people and sick FIL.  It sounds like you will be the one to protect her.  Sad.
We have many reasons for not circumcising.  One point that I would like to make is when your son gets older he may want to be intact.  He no longer has a choice.  He can't go back.  If he is left intact, he could always choose on his own time to change.  It is leaving the decision up to him.  It is such an important decision. It is amazing all that the foreskin does.  It has so many functions.  For one, it creates a natural lubrication.  A lot of women with circumcised...
I am not sure how to do this.  I keep saying things like, Oh I will just call dad.  And then it hits me.  He passed away at home with my mom, me and my brother around him.  I am struggling with what he went through the few days before.  Taking care of him.  I don't know what to do with myself.  He is my dad.  
I look at my children now and think...wow.  They really do grow up.  I remember my worries when my older ones were younger.  Will they ever potty train?  How many words should they know by now?  So many worries.  I also worried because I got sick during pregnancies and cranky and I thought I would ruin my children that I already had.  Looking back...I had nothing to worry about.  All of them are well rounded children and happy.  My children always ask me to have another....
What I have learned lately is that everyone is different.  I don't understand why people have to constantly judge other people's parenting.  I don't agree with zombie watching for kids and we are pretty protective with what our children see but at the same time I am not judging others who do.  We are all different and have different views and that is ok.
We suspect that my son has high functioning aspergers so I am finding your posts interesting.     My son was obsessed with trains for a couple of years.  He could play in his own little world for hours!  He now loves magnets, electricity and anything that you put together or take apart.  He always wants to know what is inside things and what it must look like on the inside.  He was also obsessed with the Titanic.  He still loves boats.
The giver reminds me of  pre teen books called Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras.  Great books.  Not usually my genre but catchy.  It is a world of perfect people and a perfect world and when kids turn 16 they are turned pretty like everyone else.  Very thought provoking and interesting. My favorite book is The Kitchen House.
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