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We may be buying an old farmhouse and we will be renovating.  We will leave all of the original wood alone except for the kids bedrooms.  I want something cozy there.
Thank you for the food for thought.  We probably sold our house yesterday so we have to make this decision quickly.  We are going on Saturday to check out the farmhouse with our friend who does reno's.   He is a contractor with his own business.  He will tell us if it is doable.  We would hire him to do most of it before we would move in.  We would want the floors redone.  We would keep most of the original flooring but it needs to be refinished and fixed.  My husband...
They didn't take it off the market for us.  They said they would just like to live there for about a yr so I think they might just be being nice to us by continuing the contract.  We got out of the contract we would lose our deposit.  I do like to be considerate but I also have to realize that this is a lifelong decision.  Thank you for your input!  If we did consider M we would have a reno friend go through as well as an inspector.
Here is our story.   We were going to add onto our house but I was looking on mls for a friend and saw a house I love.  We decided to go and take a peek at it.  We loved it and made an offer.  Our offer has been on the house for 7 months while we try and sell ours.  In the last month things have really picked up.  The other couple is content living in that house until we are ready to buy it.  Let's call this house W. This house is a big century house that has been...
I am so incredibly sorry Mama.  I will pray for you and your family.
It isn't about you.  You are the ONE person he has and you left?  When you are a parent, you come second.  In every situation, you come second.  Not first.  Who cares if you are strong enough!  Who cares if you feel like you can't take one more day!  You die trying!  You can't take it one more day?  Please.  Neither can your son.
My whole family to be and stay healthy.  This includes my dad's cancer being gone.
Thank you for your advice.  I really appreciate it.
I am spitting nails for you!  I could not imagine!  I am sorry mama. :(
We ended up bringing her to the doctors.  He said he wouldn't be worried but gave us some penicillin just in case.  She is fine now.  Thank you. What do you suggest we do should this happen again?
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