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I really like the Charlotte Mason approach.     We use Right Start for Math.  That is the only curriculum  we use.  We read A LOT.  A lot of good living books.  Good classics.  We do most of our subjects by reading good books.
It is ok that you have your worries.  You want what is best for your daughter.  If one of my daughters grew up and looked a bit overweight I would probably wonder what to do as well.  I wouldn't mention it to them though.  I would worry about her health and the way others will speak to them if it got to be more.  Of course you love her and want what is best.  Here is what I would do. I wouldn't let on the way I felt.  I would change our food to healthier food and take...
I don't think her husband is necessarily looking for an excuse.  I live in Canada and I don't know anyone who owns a gun.  Hunting ... yes.  Any other kind of gun would freak me out around my children.  I think it all depends on how you are raised and what you are used to.  
Not even sure why I am posting this.  I used to be about listening more. Lately I feel differently.   I feel like when I say something they have to listen.  I do give them freedoms but talking back will get consequences.  Not picking something up will be given consequences.  I still do not believe in spanking or that kind of punishment.  But I do believe that they should listen to my husband and I when we ask them to do something.  We are their parents.  We are not...
You are right in the middle of your most important life's work.  It might seem like cleaning up spilled juice for the 1000th time, folding yet another load of laundry or making another meal that the kids don't all eat doesn't make a difference.  All of those little things that we do help shape our children into who they will become.  They see you.  They imitate you.  You are their world.  You have a tiny baby that takes up most of your time.  Let it.  There will come a...
I have done things that I am not proud of.  Not to the extent that you have but things I deeply regret.  I have apologized to my children, I pray about it and I try to forgive myself.  This does not make you a horrible father.  You need some help.  Maybe part of the flare ups are because of your marriage.  I agree that when I am having a hard time in other areas of my life I tend to take it out on my children.  Please don't take to heart that you are scum.  You sound...
He is a 4yo little boy in school full time.  Sounds pretty normal to me.  It isn't mandatory that kids go to school until the age of 6 in Ontario.  I would pull him and go to some early years centers to get him used to groups in a gentle way with mom.  Good luck!
I model it.
If you would like, I could put you into contact with my mom.  My grandma passed away at her house because my mom took care of her there.  That was the plan.  She has also described watching my grandpa pass away at the hospital.  She described the same as you.  Just let me know by PM so I catch it and I will do that.  
This may seem silly but when I can feel my blood pressure rising and I am frustrated with a baby, I speak for them.  I talk like they would if they could.  "Mom, I just don't feel good.  Please hold me mom."  "I need you.  I am just so tired and I don't know how to calm myself down."  For some reason, this calmed me.  It made me feel bad for him/her.  Seems silly but whatever works is the thing to do.
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