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I have finally got to a place where I am comfortable with how we learn. I started out buying a curriculum and followed it.  I noticed that my children were sighing and not interested but were interested in other books.  I started researching and found unschooling.  It made a lot of sense to me.  They will not retain information if they are not interested.  We unschooled for about 6 years.  We still unschool but I added a twist to it. lol  For math we have a curriculum....
I thought by morning person it meant the amount of time it takes for one to wake up.  No matter the time of day but when I wake up I can't function for at least a half hour.  My mind is groggy and I am out of it.  I know people who are alert as soon as they wake up.  I prefer not to talk or do anything for about an hr until my mind is clear.  I still do of course but I prefer not to.  
We have an Amelie (Omily), Reagan (Reegan) and a Hadley.  I haven't heard of any more Hadley's.  
I agree with the others.  He is being rewarded for bad behavior.  He doesn't come when called (and yes, 8 is old enough) then he gets to sit in the front?  I would have been furious if my child did that.  I was furious when my 4yo did that at a friends house.  He needs consequences and needs them every time he does something like that.  I wouldn't be bringing him to the park for a while.  The park is a privilege and if they abuse it they lose it.  I am a pretty laid back...
That extent of a job is too much for a 4yo.  Of course he was hysterical.  He was getting yelled at by mom and being stuck in cold water retrieving a tonne of rocks from the bottom of a pool.  4yo is pretty young for that.  At 4 they still need direction.  He probably got caught up with his brother and they were having fun.  A 4 and 3yo need to be supervised together.  I can do things around the house away from my 3 and just turned 5yo but I wouldn't leave them alone...
My brother is 40 so I can give a perspective for what it was like "back then."  My mom thought he just didn't listen.  She brought him to the doctors and got his hearing checked.  My brother was around 3 I think.  The doctor took a piece of paper and put it in front of his mouth and asked my brother if he would like a sucker.  My brother didn't respond.  He then moved the paper and asked again.  My brother said yes he would like the sucker.  That is how my parents found...
My son does this exact thing.  It started a couple of months ago.  He does fall into ADHD/Aspergers group (not diagnosed) but I know he is high functioning.  It is getting better with age.  He licks his hands very quickly and multiple times a day.  My son doesn't go to school so I don't worry about him being teased.  
I seriously could not have confronted our teacher even years later.  When we saw him in court I was shaking.  I dread seeing him or his family because they live within 30 min of us.  Good for you for standing up!  It is too bad about the time limit!  If someone does a crime, they should be able to be punished for it whether it be 1 day ago or 10 yrs.
I think that is awesome!!!  Have you considered calling the police?  I called the police about a teacher I had in grade 7 and 8 (I am now 33) and more girls came forward.  He was sent to jail for 6 months and lost his teaching licence.  He is not allowed kids and can no longer influence them.  I am glad I came forward.
Someone to come and massage me every day!  I always say I wish I was Oprah just for the massages!  I would also love someone to help me meal plan the most healthy things and teach me to cook them!
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