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I have learned by grounding you put all of their thoughts on themselves. What has been taken away from THEM or what can't THEY do instead of seeing what it has made mom feel.
It is hard to explain this. When I am touched on my legs or arms I feel over stimulated. I can't handle being touched by my children oftentimes. Is there something with my nerves making me over sensitive? It is 10 times worse when I am breastfeeding. I have to rub my feet together to take my mind off of the sensation in my legs while breastfeeding. It sometimes even makes my toes bleed from the constant rubbing. : I know it sounds strange but I would love help with...
I was just told that you can use Flax Seed Meal instead of butter while baking. It is delicious.
It isn't that there is something wrong with it. I just don't know if there is or isn't. I would love a list of ingredients with the healthy alternative. I always wonder while reading a recipe..I wonder if this is the healthiest I can get?? Like say it calls for flour. It is healthier to get the whole wheat flour than the white. Ingredients that would be just as tasty in the recipe but just healthier.
If there isn't one already Can we please post the most healthy alternatives that we know of? For ex. this wk one of my recipe's calls for Red Wine Vinegar and another calls for Vegetable Oil. Is there a healthier alternative? Instead of constantly second guessing our ingredients let's post what we know to help each other out!
My children seem so concerned when I cut onions because I cry every time! How can I prevent this?
I am sure you will get many responses on why homeschooling is beneficial. I say picture cuddling up to your daughter in your jammies and reading a yummy book whenever and wherever your heart pleases :
This is pretty much the exact situation we had. My daughter is turning 5 in Dec and has one more BOB book left. I wouldn't have even thought to teach her to read but she has done it on her own. I am just following her lead. We choose a book every once in a while and she reads it. It is amazing how far she has come from the beginning! I LOVE to see how she progresses and to see the excitement on her face when she gets it! For the punctuation I would just tell her if...
and I see why I am the way I am. I do have a low self-esteem and feel guilty quite often (for little things) I haven't seen her for a wk and it actually felt good. She is constantly judging they way I run my house. She doesn't come out and say it but says little remarks that are sneaky. Today she stopped in and brought some chocolate cake for the kids (I have asked her to cool it on the sugar..doesn't listen : and if I get frustrated about it she tells them..Sorry...
I didn't get near enough sleep and I am awful today I am yelling and need to be alone. I want to crawl under my covers and cry. Sure I don't spank but I will blow a little nose a bit harder and grab someone's arm a bit tighter. I feel so frustrated and worn out. I need to hear how it is only today and they are only babies. It is normal behavior for my 3yo to throw a dry towel into the tub of water and it is normal for my almost 2yo to push his sis and it is normal...
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