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I am researching this right now. There are a couple of lists you should look up. First you have to decide what publishing companies are right for your book. This list will help you. You have to see if they accept unsolicited manuscripts or not. There are a lot of decisions to make! I feel a bit overwhelmed as well but I am going to go ahead with it. Right now I am trying to decide whether to self publish or send to a publisher. Good luck with everything!!!
I wonder sometimes too. For our first..we didn't find out. For our second we wanted to know. They outlined her and we knew for sure. For our third..it was obvious it was a boy. For this one they said a girl. She was moving around so much she was having a hard time seeing. She said she is fairly certain it is a girl. We are ready for a girl but have a bit of doubt that it is.
I have got to be the most impatient person alive I am 34 wks and can't wait for my little girl to be born. When do you guys think it will be? Here are the details... She dropped this morning. She is putting a lot of pressure down there! My son was born at 37 wks. I know that when a baby drops it can still be a long time. I just hope she comes at 37 wks like Cohen did. I am just tired and cranky
I just turned 34 wks. This morning I woke up and the baby has dropped. When I sit down it feels like I am sitting on her head I wish she would have waited a bit longer to drop because this is going to be an uncomfortable finish! My last was born at 37 wks so I think I have about 3 wks of this left. UGH!! I am ready!
THANK YOU!!! My mom thinks it is awful when I say..I am going to throw you out the window. This is a joke in our family. My children are young but understand that it is meant to be funny. Sometimes if they are whiny I will look around at the place we are at and say..WOW..look at this big window. Perfect for throwing a child out of We wouldn't say it in a moving car or a tall building though lol.
We get that all the time too. We have a 4.5 yo, 3 yo, 20 month old and I am 34 wks pregnant. I usually don't mind. It just bothers me when my MIL comments on it. She ALWAYS says..3's a family. Grrrr! It isn't like she is raising them or paying for them. It drives me crazy!! :
My prayers are with you and your family. I am so sorry.
I didn't mean to go up to the child and try to scare her. You could go to the playground with your 2yo and strike up a conversation with her. From the sounds of it you won't have to .. she will. You can nonchalantly remind her to be careful and to not go with strangers. Yesterday while we were at the park there was a little girl talking to everyone. I didn't see a parent around so I asked her who was there with her. Her mom was. Maybe this girl was never taught...
I find it disturbing. If you feel uncomfortable going to the parents maybe you could head out there when you see her and maybe have a talk with her yourself. Just make sure she knows that it is dangerous to go with someone.
We follow a curriculum without a schedule. I may decide to use a schedule as they get older by my oldest is 4.5 right now. Our curriculum is Sonlight. A lot of stories. We read stories before bed usually. If we are home then we will usually do a couple of subjects..if we are in the mood. We have Right Start Math that we do once in a while. We have BOB books. We try to read one a day. Hmm..what else? We have Le Francais Facile program for French. This has a lot...
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