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I think I will make an appt for Monday.  Thanks. :)
I think that is what I am going to do.  I have an appt with the doctor on Thurs.  I think I am going to see if she can be seen too.  We are going to soak her foot in TTO and epsom salts tonight and tomorrow morning.  Thank you all so much for your answers!
Today while playing outside, my 5yo daughter stepped on a rusty nail.  It went in a bit and then we squeezed it to bleed it out.  Do you think we should be bringing her in for a shot?  She is unvaccinated.  Also, how long do we have until we have to bring her in?  Our family doctor isn't in until Monday.  I would rather not bring her to emerg and wait for hrs and have a doctor lecture me on not vax'ing.  Thanks.
We do have a family doctor who I trust but he isn't in on the weekend and I am not sure how long an appointment would take.  That is why I am wondering how long until she needs that shot.  I would have to go to emerg and wait hours and hours and then get lectured.
A puncture wound is a nail going into the foot right?  It was outside by our driveway.  It was inside a couple of wks ago and we tore out our carpet and the nail ended up dropping on the ground.  I hate to go in because I know I will get the lecture on not vax'ing.  How long do I have to take her in?
I would say it is a puncture wound.  We squeezed it to bleed it out.  Should we take her in?  Doesn't there have to be animal poop or something there for Tetanus to happen?  Thanks.
We have 6 young children.  We surround ourselves with other people with large families..  Our close friends have 12 and my other close friend has 7.  Most of my friends have 4 or more children.  It is just normal for us.  We get a lot of comments but I just smile and give little comments.  If someone says...WOW, your hands are full!  I say, Full of love.  Stuff like that.  I kind of dismiss them because I don't care what they think and don't care to talk about it.  We...
I would make a baby quilt and keep it in my own room.  That way she could maybe hug it or sleep with it when she is missing her baby.  Just picturing what I would probably do.
Thank you Sympathetic Dad.  I had two of my children with epidurals.  For my third I thought, hey I can do this.  I was induced and then went natural.  That is the most traumatic birth by far.  I was so out of it it was unbelievable.  I was scratching my face and flipping out.  I focused on a spot on the ceiling and did fine until closer to the end.  I kicked the doctor out of nowhere.  It was awful.  I cried and cried after that birth.  My next two I had epidurals.  My...
I have 6 and I know how you feel.  It is more about having a 4wk old than it is about having 4.  Things are not going to get done as much as we would like.  Whenever I have a newborn I think...What was I thinking???  Until they grow a bit and I change it to...Well this is easy!  I could totally handle another one! lol  It WILL get easier.  You will know when baby is going to take a nap and mom can take a breather.  Right now baby is so young that there is no set time you...
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