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well two surprises at birth is better than one at birth :)   maybe at your next appt she'll be able to poke around more...maybe your placenta is anterior and preventing her from getting a good feel?   :)
Bump...anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
we are planning a homebirth as well (our 2nd) definitely planning to birth in the water again as well, I have SPD and the water seriously helps with that.   us too...our midwife lives 4 hours away! but her back up is only an hour away so we'll see how everything goes and how i feel at the time etc... :)
i should have updated this a while ago but mine was WRONG its very obvious that its a girl!  
unfortunately this isnt very popular but i found a GREAT informative link today...its lenghty but has a lot of great tips for pregnancy/labor/birth   http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm   i'm not plus size ironically but this is AWESOME information    
they are :) just like her daddy :) bonus that he has long luscious lashes to go with them :)   thanks everyone! i love getting these 3d sonograms :)
  she looks just like my other dd in her 3d pics :) i love her little lips:)
me too...i hate the way mine looks through clothes its like a 3rd nipple!  
im excited! i can't wait to hold our newest little girl!
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