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i get told all the time how "there is no way your going to make it to august" actually i assure you i will....baby just has no place to go but out just like the last 2 lol i'm only 5'1 and have carried babies to 39+2 and 40+3 so i know i'll be just fine this time too :)
anyone have a non invasive ob/gyn or hospital midwife they could suggest at ft. polk?  my cousin is 16 weeks pregnant and they just got stationed there and she is looking for someone who will be non induction c/s happy.  Thanks so much!
this is my 3rd baby and we are due in August planning a home waterbirth.  I have SPD and am worried about delivering with it has anyone had any experience?  the last thing i want to do is cause permanant damage.  anyone have any tips etc on getting through the rest of the pregnancy with 2 other children and then going on to deliver without causing damage?   TIA!
bump :)
im 20 weeks and just wore my 22 month old on my back in the ergo while i grocery shopped...sure people looked at me funny but its comfy still so i go ahead.   she is 22lbs and I am 5'1 and currently 116bs
are any midwives or other homebirthing clients familiar with this?  I have the antibody "big E" and right now my titer levels are FINE at 1:1....i get the levels tested again at the beginning of May and if they go up i have to go BACK to the perinatologist for another blood flow check in the baby.  my question is at what point do you think its safe to go ahead with the homebirth vs take more precautions and birth in the hospital instead....   i know there is not a...
i took mine saturday and it said boy!
my sister is 41 weeks 3 days as of today and nothing yet, she goes for a sono tomorrow to check everything out again. she seems fine although she is measuring at 46weeks as of last week...anyone else measuring big?
my sister is planning a FSBC birth and is currently 41w6d pregnant, she is 21 years old and has started getting a lot of the omg why havent they induced you questions by her uneducated friends. what are some links i can give her to read, so she can answer her friends questions about induction,epidurals, etc and their risk. thanks so much in advance! i'm homeschooling my brother and sister right now so dont have a lot of time to look up and dig for the links myself. ...
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