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I found you guys!! Paisley will be 6 months on the 27th and we'll be doing BLW so i'm sure she wont get much in her mouth until later but we'll at least be putting things in front of her starting on Friday MAYBE thursday at thanksgiving and make it a family affair but we'll see I dont have much to complain about in the sleep dept because we co-sleep so she just helps her self and i barely wake up and then i'm back out again so as far as i'm concerned she sleeps...
as far as i know through my sister everything is scheduled for tomorrow...i dont know what their plan is but hopefully just the on call dr does it! i'll update this after i know all the details tomorrow thanks for the BTDT responses
Quote: Originally Posted by Noelle C. I've got a long, complex surgical history, so this may color what I'd do. I'd personally ask to be kept awake, just use lots of local anesthetic. I don't understand why we're kept awake for oral surgery, but knocked out for tonsillectomies, kept awake for c-sections, but knocked out for hand and wrist surgeries. If there is a good reason for doing the surgery now rather than waiting until after birth, then ask if...
My sister is 27 weeks pregant and needs surgery on her wrist (from a car accident)...she is undercare of a midwife but the midwife doesnt have rights to practice at the hospital (any hospital) they transfer care incase of an emergency occurs...BUT this is a little different the ORTHO surgeon usually has an OB stand in for monitoring before and after the surgery what do we do?! surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30 pm p.s. the ortho said we cant ask the on call...
im the "coach" for my brother and sister this year, and we started yesterday here in texas. they are in 6th and 7th grade and so far so good...still trying to get used to everything and get my bro and sis out of the typical brick and mortar mind frame of school is from 8-3 kwim? as far as day 2 is concerned everything is going well nice to have a group of us doing this together :
so happy i found this! i can't believe we are over here already!! dd has found her fist and is drooling like mad too, no signs of teething just a new interest in her hand the gassy and fussiness seems to be getting better she is a really happy baby during the day and if she is fussy at all its at night before bed the only thing that worries me is my supply because she only nurses 6 times a day she sleeps so well that i hate to complain i'm just worried about AF...
DD was born at 7.4 and 20.5 and at her 2 month appt she was 10.7 and 23.75 inches long
congrats mama!:
well we went to the waterpark for fathers day today and even though my grandmother kept her OUT of the sun seriously never a ray was on her she seems to have burned a little bit on the side of her face the she wasnt sleeping on and a little on her neck roll...i've held cold breastmilk on there with a wash rag but not sure how much more comfortable i can make her
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