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anyone dealing with the fussy period still? paisleys is every night from about 8-11 or so...we just switch out doing everything we know to get her calm and really nothing works until she is ready to settle i dont remember this with ds he didnt really have a fussy period
: i found you guys! i dont own a scale but i check from time to time when i go to peoples houses' who do have scales haha anyway i weighed 146 and as of last week i have lost 20 lbs i started out at 105 and while that was a little too thin but this last 20 lbs in in my butt and thighs and looks like it has NO intention to go anywhere else
i need to check out that thread! thanks!
i can't seem to keep up with these threads i just usually end up skimming them over and agreeing on a lot of things you all are saying paisley is 3 weeks old and is 9lbs thats up 1lb and 13oz from birth weight so we are doing good there her fussy period is ugh grewling! but i've cut out dairy even though i dont think its the issue i just think in my mind it will help me deal with this stage until it goes away because then i wont wonder "is it something i ate" all the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chic_Mama I finally had my baby on June 9!! 15 days late but a 4 hour labor! ::
i had 0 clear early labor signs...not even looking in hindsight....only contractions that started out sporadic and then got closer together, none of the mucus plug, bloody show (until way in to labor), cleaning out....nothing....
Quote: Originally Posted by lotus.blossom My first hated the carseat. It was HORRIBLE! I spent almost every ride nursing him (while my hubby drove of course. hehe) The only thing that helped was turning him forward facing as soon as he met the requirements. DS2 loves the car fortunately but my plan of attack was to skip the bucket if he hated it. I feel like ds1 may have felt too restricted in his bucket and I just didn't think about it till he got into...
does anyones LO HATE the carseat? DD will not fall asleep in the car and she SCREAMS until she is out unless we put her in the carseat asleep its so sad to be in the car with her...even with me in the back trying to soothe her the best I can, sometimes a paci works but tmost of the time it does not...anyone else?
Quote: Originally Posted by Madalyn On the bright side at least I'm getting some good make out sessions? I feel like I'm back in highschool. us too, but i'm still spotting and i can still feel stitches in one spot so until those are gone i think we'll wait
congrats mama!
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