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Quote: Originally Posted by mynameisMom You're not alone, I am 10 days late today and no signs of him at all, I haven't dropped or lost my plug. Come on full moon, pull, baby, pull! just wanted to say i never saw a mucus plug EVER and i went in to labor...just wanted to give you some reassurance that you dont have to lose your plug to mean things are progressing s!!!!!!!!
i went again today...not much pain so we r headed in the right direction
Quote: Originally Posted by octanebeetle27 Baby girl #4 arrived late Saturday evening! Penelope Jane (Penny) 7.8lbs 19inches long. We ended up transferring to the hospital a few hours before she was born. My water had been broken for 60+ hours and our midwife heard a little decel that worried us all (I only wanted to stay home if everything was PERFECT). We decided to go in while things were still good--no fever for me, baby doing well, etc. Wanted...
well ive been once just not since last friday....i dont feel constipated just worried about getting that way
Quote: Originally Posted by lightheartedmom Aww...this is exactly where we have been with DD (will be 3 in three weeks) since bringing Chloe home. The "no!" phase that she never went through at 2, yep, that's here. EVERYTHING is negative. Whatever we say, she says no or she can't. Night is especially rough, we get lots of "No! I CAN'T go to sleep!" A lot of bad habits have shown up in the last two and a half weeks...she's thankfully really good w/ her...
since i had her on wed ive only had one bm is that normal or does it take time to get back to normal?
i've had my first very very very light day today and its only day 5 so i KNOW its not over but i've had LOTS of help around the house since the baby has been born so i've been glued to the couch pretty much since i had her
5 days pp and i've lost 15 i think, i dont have a scale here but when i checked 2 days ago at my grandmothers thats what it was, i'm relying on nursing like last time... so dd is 5 days old and has a REALLY bad red chapped hiney we have been using pampers swaddlers and pampers swaddlers sensitive wipes, but i think that maybe a few diaper changes a grandma might of got ahold of ds' scented wipes accidentally not knowing we had special ones for her, anyway her hiney is...
Quote: Originally Posted by conniebonnie still pregnant! still pregnant! sigh. i was due either may 17 or a week after that. (dates are messed up cause of getting pregnant right after a miscarriage) so by either count, past due. and still pregnant. did i mention that? that im still pregnant? sheesh. this baby better come out soon, im supposed to be at a wedding two states away in 13 days, and i need some recovery time. le sigh. send me some vibes...
:::::::: congrats!!
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