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congrats mama glad your finally holding your baby!!!
i remember ttc with u! congrats on ur baby boy what a story!!!!!
congrats! it was very exciting reading this thread from top to bottom::
thinking of u mama
congrats our baby girls share a birthday! dd was born at 4:16 am
: congrats mama :
very cool, our baby was born 5.27!!
short details: born 5.27.09 4:16 am 7 lbs 4 oz born in the water at home in to her daddys hands!! long story: in my blog in my signature : also pics are on www.dfwbirthphotographer.com scroll down till you see *paisley* her name will be there
Quote: Originally Posted by Amydoula holy cow! that's the best posterior birth story I've ever heard. congrats! thats so encouraging to hear since this is exactly what i'm dealing with!! congrats on your new baby girl!!
Still pregnant here...anyone else?
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