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Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess to pay for the recovery of my sons photos on the computer that caught fire. could be $1,000 to find out that no data is available, i feel ya. our harddrive went bellyup two days after m was born. all the pictures of his birth were on it and it could cost large quantities of money just to see if they're still there and accessible. :
i love them both. i've read most of david's stuff and am a big fan of amy's acting and her writing. i so want to try her baking!
Quote: Originally Posted by shelbean91 its on the next 8 weeks, I think. He saw the success of 'breaking bonaduce' and decided to jump on the bandwagon. oh, i know. it just premiered on the 15th, the day after my birthday. it was just perfect.
i find myself pretty shocked by the difference between my girl and boy, daily even. someone above me mentioned the stereotypes just FIT. k has never shown huge preference towards anything, so we had a wide array of toys. then m comes along and is after anything with wheels, anything that makes noise, anything he can throw. if you can build it, well, obviously it was meant to be knocked down and with gusto. he rushes into everything-- he fell head-first off the bed...
i love the scott baio show so much. it was like vh1's birthday present to me. :
i admit i'd want one if it was magically not painful and cheap. i don't like tucking my skin into my pants so i don't look 5 months pregnant. :P
i said other. if we're the only ones there, no problem. however, i think it's rude to let them climb up the slide when other kids are there and would like a turn to go down.
if swearing offended me, i'd have to be constantly pissed at myself. i curse like a sailor and can't seem to stop.
first pregnancy, unplanned. result of drinking too much and tossing off the condom. yeah, smart move. in any case, miscarriage second pregnancy, planned. miscarriage. third pregnancy, planned but not expected that month. i was to go on clomid but missed the window. didn't end of mattering-- she's 3.5 years old now! fourth pregnancy, unplanned. we had so much trouble getting pregnant with k, we were just SURE it would take the same amount of effort the next time...
Quote: Originally Posted by jessie.gray I mean, I have never seen someone clean their house from top to bottom BEFORE a cleaning lady comes by. my mom. but she's a little anal retentive.
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