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What a beautiful patio you have! You all did a great job. We have a maple in our front yard and we use it as shade in the summer. We have a picnic table under it where the kids and I eat lunch on summer days and we'll spread out a blanket and read. The previous owners had spread out some mulch at the base of the tree. Some old yankees, with LOTS of knowledge said that maples don't like their "feet wet" So they said get rid of the mulch. How old are your...
My climate is not even close to yours. But I would get some kind of planters, like halved whiskey barrels and use those. Get something for shade and make sure to keep them watered, but I would definately make it the resting place of a container garden!
Well, if the soil is good already, you could nix the raised bed and just use the soil you have. At the library, look for the book _Lasagna Gardening_ if they don't have it, ask if they can get it from you from interlibrary loan. I made our beds with minimal spending, and you could do it for free. Just pile on layers of organic material, grass clippings, chopped up leaves, manure (ask around if you have friends that have animals) compost, ashes from your fireplace...
Check this out: www.lovelylisting.com
Hello! I've been watching big love online, on watchtvsitcoms.com But when I went today, they have taken down episodes 8 and 9. So I'm wondering, is there anyplace else I can watch them online, and also, is episode 9 the last one? Thanks.
I've had buff orpingtons and astrolorps and they were my two favorite breeds, because of all the reasons already mentioned.
I have the ektorp in leather. It's holding up well and we love it. I also like the second one you posted, because of the chaise part of it, though if you are planning to put it in a sunroom, I'd be concerned about the fabric fading.
Oh, and don't forget you can ask the seller to pay for your closing costs, or the real estate transfer tax, or ask for him to fix things, as part of the sale. In this market, a lot of things are negotiable. And also, you are in a very good position right now, being a buyer in this market. You have the luxury to be picky.
Quote: Originally Posted by polyhymnia OK I'm going to derail things here - having never bought a house before - isn't it the realtor's job to help you decide what to offer on a house? It's always been my understanding that it's my money and I decide how much of it I'm going to spend. But seriously, in some states, the realtors ALWAYS work for the seller, trying to get the buyers to spend as much as possible. In other states, you can decide,...
My rates are a little less than yours, with no maternity care. And my dh is self employed. We have $40 copays, and I can't remember the rest of the coverage, but it was sort of in the middle, not the best and not the worst. Recently my 10yo had his appendix out, the bill came to 14,000. Our portion was just about $4000. See if you can get them on a state health insurance program, then get a private policy for you and your dh. My kids were on our state's program...
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