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She's swaying back and forth, but you can't tell in the picture--she's a snake-in-a-basket...a cobra!  We cut out the bottom of the basket, so she can walk, and there are slits on either side so she can get her hands to hold her trick-or-treat bag.  She's much shinier gold in person.
I started using a diaphagm when I was 16, and both of my kids were conceived when the diaphragm was left in the drawer(I was 30 and 34)  My size did not change with either baby, and it's just not a big deal to put it in/out.  I used spermicide with the initial insertion only.  My husband offered a vasectomy after the second was born, but I wasn't ready until she was about 3.  He laid around for about 3 days, and we joked that guys should have to wear one of those dog...
I nursed both of mine, and started on the first day.  I have DD breasts.  It helps that I was comfortable nursing right away (my second daughter was trickier, but we worked it out.)  I think the key thing was to pull their bodies right up against me--it was as if we made a 'V', with my breast spanning across the top.  I would latch them on, and then immediately snug their lower bodies up against me.  My lower arm was over their heads and my upper arm did all the...
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