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That is a huge change! Good luck to you on your new adventures
Quote: Originally Posted by moominmamma I'll second this. I was led to Alfie Kohn by a child who at three was very much like your ds. She had a very high need for autonomy, sniffed out like a bloodhound any efforts I made to control or judge her learning, responding with all sorts of creative resistance. I was totally convinced by Kohn's book and completely changed my style of parenting. It's 12 years later and I can't say I've ever regretted it. I...
Yes, we cosleep with our 8 y/o. Our 13 y/o only moved out a year or so agao. She had a twin next to our bed. It is really sweet. I love waking up together. I know he won't do it forever either so I am just enjoying it for now.
I watched this with my children Friday night (we were up unusually late). I thought the segment on extended nursing was beautiful. The older children in the family were so sweet and honest. It doesn't seem unusual to me because we have conversations like that all the time here. My 8 y/o son is still nursing and enjoyed seeing the other little boy talk about his "nummies" My dd, 13 often reminisces (sp?) about her nursing days. She weaned around 8 or 9 also because...
Quote: Originally Posted by BellinghamCrunchie What a beautiful, heartbreaking post. I feel tears for both you and your daughter, and the new life soon to be. Somewhere inside her she knows your love is real, and is probably the only love she's ever truly known. I hope that knowledge carries her through childbirth and while responding to her baby, and maybe even give her the courage to call you when it gets hard to put the baby's needs...
Julie, how did you come to the decision to hs?
I agree with pp who mention reminding yourself of why you hs in the first place. I also agree with UUMom that this has been an ongoing struggle for you. Perhaps you idealize hsing and what you thought it would be like, but the reality for your situation (based on where you live and your own doubts about it) have created something negative instead of what you hoped? Does that make any sense? I have a friend who seems to want to hs, but the reality of it has been hard...
We gave our mail carrier a lovely bag of sugar cookies. He was very appreciative, He is very nice and sweet to the kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by momtoS I know this isn't what you are looking for....but I make Christmas brunch and make a breakfast casserole the night before....if you want the recipes I will share! Yes, that's a great idea I would be very specific also. Especially if you know these people and know what their response will be. Hope you feel better too
Learning to read is so individual. Hopefully he will love to read when he does learn and not just read because he "has to". I agree with pp's about not discussing any aspect of his hsing with her again. Smile sweetly and say, "Thanks for your concern, we feel good about our choices." If that doesn't work, put some hot pepper in her dip. Just kidding
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