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Kelli, I would probably ask them to stop asking your dd or talking about it in front of her until you and dh have made up your minds. It isn't fair to you or your dd. You may make a decision you are uncomfortable with under pressure. I think it is ok to let her go if you feel absolutely comfortable. She may also think she wants to go but at 5 may still have some anxiety being away from you. Is there a trip you can all take together... to the beach this summer or...
I like Family, Festivals and Food too
Quote: Originally Posted by starling&diesel Is that so awful? To sell books in order to update their collection? In my experience, libraries love getting good books donated. Old textbooks, books that are falling apart, books they already have copies of ... sure, they'll sell them off. Ask, of course, and then keep the ones you're attached too. It's a major pet peeve of mine when people say 'books are sooooo important to me' and then they hoard them,...
Those look great!
I'm sorry love!
Elizabeth, cameras and ipods are often pricey before Christmas because they are popular gifts. Maybe purchasing a gift card to Target or something and then your dd can put some $ in and get a good deal on a camera after the holiday. I think your gift list sounds good.
Quote: Originally Posted by ann_of_loxley Our cat sleeps on the end of the bed too. If I was really concerned about how dirty our cat was, I wouldnt have ever allowed them on the bed! - So for me, not a concern. (but then again, I am someone who does not use anitbacterial everything this and that, who doesnt vax, and who uses homeopathic remedies!) DS has never been ill from our cat! - In fact, I find ourselves pretty healthy compared to many people who...
I've seen kits at Rainbow Resources for building your own robot or remote control things. Last year I bought Ben some beautiful marbles on ebay in a vintage wooden cigar box. It was a big hit. Ben started playing with legos around 5 I think. We still hang onto our duplos tho
Does the robot go against your Waldorf leanings? Well, what else do you have in mind? Does he like legos? That's all Ben ever wants How about a remote control dinosaur? Guitar? Marble run?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thalia the Muse The Egypt Game is GREAT, but may not be his thing. I bet he'd like Diary of a Wimpy Kid -- funny and realistic (well realistic-ish). I second the Egypt Game. MY nephew is reading the Diary of the Wimpy Kid and loves it. My dd loves Spiderwick too.
New Posts  All Forums: