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Our decision to hs was an extension of our already attached parenting I think. We'd tried a conventional preschool for a bit and particpated in a lovely Waldorf Mommy and Me class. The Waldorf school was quite a drive and pretty expensive. We really enjoyed being together and didn't want that to end. I'd also just had my son when Ellie would have gone to K and that ould have been hard on both of us. Certainly children can thrive in many different environments.
Michelle, I agree that there are huge generalizations we could make on both sides of the gender issue. I think much depends not only on the child but on the environment (school/ large groups/playground) and the circumstances (child is tired, feeling left out of play?) I admit I supervise my sons play more closely than I do my daughters because ds is more active and more prone to getting really excited. I have also seen him be very sweet and caring when someone does...
What a great idea for a thread. We also have plastic drawers, just one set of 5 drawers that holds blank paper, drawings in process, stickers, coloring books/ puzzle books for each child. Larger paper goes in our art cupboard (a vintage dry sink in the diningroom). Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Dd has always been leary of Santa. She won't even look at him when ds goes to see him. She still makes a small list tho
Dd and ds love Animal Crossing, the puppy care games and some of the Mario games.
Sandy, we gave Ellie a ds at age 11 for Christmas that year. She was so grateful (and surprised!) because we were kind of against them too. To be fair we gave Ben a used Gameboy (purchased from the Trading post here). They have largely self regulated, BUT I have seen more of an issue with Ben than Ellie when I say it's time to move on. In retrospect, I'm not sure. It's taken more energy than I wish to help regulate Ben, but he really enjoys it. Now they go months...
That sounds like a lovely day I hope to get a few things done this week and start taking off beginning next week. Mind you, we have been pretty relaxed all year so far
I found the MDC through another mom in our hsing group. She actually told me about the diapering board As I got braver I ventured out to the other forums. We were already hsing but I loved the diversity and support of the folks here. I found everyone willing to share their ideas, successes and concerns. I still do
I second Max. At that age we also loved (and still do) Yahtzee, Sorry, card games and checkers.
Lisa, I am thinking of you and holding you and Fiona close... I'm so sorry.
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