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Aww, they must have needed some fresh air It's amazing how tolerant of the cold kids can be!
Moving to Religious Studies.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Arwyn I guess my problem is is that we don't necessarily have to explain all the evil things others do/have done in order to share with our children that this, today, is a huge GOOD thing. We can mention that some people don't like other people because of the color of their skin/their heritage/whatever, and that's wrong, and that today is a very good thing because more people than ever before have gotten over (more or less)...
Moving to Special Needs.
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I have thought about that question Annette. It would depend. I want to say yes, as this is such a historical time, yet I can see myself being concerned about seeing anything scary. ? Interesting. Does your child want to attend?
Yes, they will last a long time. I'd suggest some good paper to go with them.
Has been removed. Please remember this from the Posting Guidelines in the TCAC forum: The discussion of or reference to religion is outside of the scope of this forum. Any posts which bring any aspect of religion into the discussion are not appropriate and will be removed. Some discussions of this nature can be hosted in the Religious Studies forum which is a subforum of Spirituality, or in an existing tribal thread for the particular religious affiliation. We do...
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