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Quote: Originally Posted by LuckyMommaToo Rat-a-tat-cat. Love, love, love it. I can play it multiple times without going crazy. It's DS's first pick every time, and he's learned addition (of four numerals) effortlessly! I've bought these for Christmas, but haven't played them yet: Enchanted Forest Haba Number Dwarves -e Great list We also love Boggle, Cranium games, Blokus, Yahtzee, Sorry and Apples to Apples.
Hi mamas. We just started a hs chess club at the local bookstore. My just turned 8 y/o loves chess. The teacher is a certified tournament teacher. The only problem is that he encourages the children to write down their moves now. Ben is not crazy about this, doesn't enjoy much handwriting. I understand the philosophy behind it but I am concerned some of the fun of just playing the game and learning new strategies is being lost. What do you think?
Is it possible to meet them at the bus stop so Violet isn't alone with dd on the way home (up the stairs?) I would suggest letting the school know about it too. Just because it is happening on the bus doesn't mean the school won't intervene, they probably will. I also sugest talking to the mom and being direct but not accusatory. Remember to frame it as "how can we solve this?" as well as how Violet's behavior is unacceptable to you. I'm sorry this is happening
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Robin, can you articulate what you think "they could be learning"? You said you think they can be learning 'so much more'. It sounds like in order to hs, you are going to have to accept your limitations as far as the daycare goes. I agree with the Fun Books too. There are lots of Dover books with cut out villages and things that Noah could work on independently but are hands on and fun.
Nope. Same as LauraN and moominmama.
Vito's Mommy, you are getting some great advice and suggestions. I am glad you don't want to see the 'cold shower' become a regular form of discipline. What about a warm bath? Does your son respond to being in a relaxing setting, say a warm tub, listening to soft music or cuddling up to read together? Perhaps the friends issue has gotten out of hand. It sounds like you are following your instincts on that. It also helps kids that age (especially boys!) to have a...
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We do a nice coin too. We've also given small special toys too Our fairy is pretty generous
Quote: Originally Posted by ma_vie_en_rose I think the best approach is to gently approach the smoker and ask if they could refrain from smoking while they are around kids. Keeping someone off the defensive in situations like these generally gains the best results. Yes, I agree with this. It is also demonstrating good manners for your dd and the other children.
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