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I have heard Obama say positive things about hsig. It was in regards to some families making the sacrifice to have a parent at home with the children.
Has been removed for review. Thank you for your patience.
Dd used it too and we liked it very much. We liked the books and the lessons were very thorough. I used the teacher books once in awhile too. I don't think they are too expensive?
That sounds like great fun
Yes, there are many choices for how to homeschool. You have to do what is right for your family, what feels right for your dd. She is only young once. There are so many choices out there. The board is here to support you
Yes, I think he still needs some special time with you. It is great that he can nurse in the morning and cuddle. Perhaps he is feeling the need to control his surroundings? So much has happened that is out of his control, the weaning, having a new sister. Maybe he could make some small choices around the house... like his night to choose dinner or what park you visit next? 's to both of you.
Welcome! It is such a wonderful age, isn't it?
My just turned 8 y/o has seen all of the first 3 and the first of the second set. We haven't seen the new one. Last year we all dressed up as Star Wars characters The kids enjoyed that but don't ask to watch the movies again. We had a lot of good discussion about good v. evil, controlling your anger and dealing with feelings. We are very careful about what the kids watch, dd is more sensitive than ds but he wouldn't like anything too violent either.
Personally I think it's a great idea. The only issue *I* really see is if kids got paint on their clothes that wouldn't come off. Perhaps having them ask would be the best. How old are the kids outside 'alone'?
We've found those games very helpful too. Thanks for posting.
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