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Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy Is staying at your parents a possibility? You could help in the caring of your father too -- I don't know all of the ins and outs obviously but is there any way? That is so sad about "uncle B". He doesn't sound like someone I would welcome in my life at all... You are a wonderful mama and someday your child will be talking about how you stood up for him(her) and how you respected who he(she) was at all...
Has been removed.
Amy, have you tried going with him and reinforcing it for a few days? I know that it is time consumimg, but sometimes bad habits take a little time to change. How about asking for some help cleaning the bathroom... maybe if he sees what he's doing, he may be more willing to change?
Carrie I don't have any of those times to share with you. I was away from dd when she was 4 when I had her brother, but I did see her frequently over those 2 days (I had an emergency c/s). I think it's normal to have some separation anxiety and therefor wouldn't read too much into the question. Maybe just include a favorite book (copy) or something?
Not exactly a chapter book but a nice read for a little girl: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Loved-Dol...535774&sr=1-11 Rebecca Caudill has some other nice books too. Other good choices might be the Burgess animal stories. Rumer Godden is another: http://www.amazon.com/Miss-Happiness...ref=pd_sim_b_5
Hi there. I don't have any pictures, but I think unfinished basements make great play spaces. They can change as your kids grow You can cover the walls with the kids artwork, pretty fabric, even large unframed kids posters (like from storybooks). Maybe a reading nook or quiet area? Enjoy setting it up.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunchyTamara Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium My son who is 7 YO, and his two cousins, (girls) who are 3 and 6 YO all loved this movie. That's a great choice There isn't anything offensive and it is visually lovely.
The little boy I sit for walks on his toes. He also has some sensory issues.
I think that room is pretty... a little too "finished" looking for me (maybe everything matches too well!) I like lots of shelves, organized by toys and belongings. Bookshelves can be labelled and organized. Maybe some pretty pictures of the girls or their artwork framed? A nice rug to play on.... what do they like to play with?
I agree with not cutting it if she doesn't want you to. Will she wear it in a ponytail for play? How about pigtails or braids? My dd has very curly loooong hair. This summer has been a challenge for combing and washing. She finally decided herself to cut a little off and was upset when the hairdresser took 'too much off'. Good luck
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