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I knew a woman that worked part time at our bank, they didn't have children at the time and other people often encouraged her to work FT, they couldn't understand why she'd want to be home. I felt bad for her, I didn't think it was anyone else's business.
Neighbors don't get to give permission to a person moving in, sometimes to some kind of halfway house or such, but not individuals. Ard, I'm glad you received the notice and talked to your dd about it.
What a lucky little baby to have such a loving mama and family. Gentle hugs to you.
Jen, yes, you can pull them out at any time. States vary in what kind of notification the schools need tho. Lucy, I'm so glad you are able to hs again. Your experince is frustrating and sad. Little boys handwriting isn't "neat enough", geez It sounded to me like maybe the teacher doesn't think they're as 'weird" as they are smart and creative. The teacher wants them to into her own little mold. Good luck to you
I don't think you can "generally expect" any paticular age. The key to CLW is listening to your child and being in tune with their needs. Paying too much attention to statistics can leave you feeling disappointed or "abnormal". Many moms say that their "acceptable age" for nursing got older as their own child did. Since your child is still so young, maybe you will feel the same. Some studies suggest that without interference, many children will self wean around...
Dea, it's important to find a good surgeon too. Ask around and find the most qualified person in your area. I had a ruptured tube in 1999. A few years later found that my other tube was blocked, but I was successfully treated by a local surgeon. It's really quite amazing what they can do
Thanks for posting this. Has this been posted elsewhere?
Aimee, I understand your being tired. November is a ways off and he may mature a bit before then, teething may improve. I also think it's great that you are talking about this but still willing to meet his needs. Is he napping?
Just beautiful, thank you for sharing that
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