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Hard to believe, but yes, I hadn't posted here since January.  I started homeschooling and got lured away by the WTM love.       I appreciate these kinds of discussions, I typically disagree with you Trigger but you sure make me think through my own opinions.  This board looks like it has been pretty slow.  We need some new people considering a conversion to a new religion - that always seems to get things hopping around here!   
I've been away for almost a year and I stop back in and see all these familiar names arguing the same positions as they did before.  Trigger: progressive Catholic, Lilyka: Orthodox, Bluegoat: Anglican, moonshoes: trad Catholic, CherryBomb: trad Catholic and so on.  The only one missing is Smokering!   It's been awhile but I think I could have scanned the thread minus usernames and made a pretty good guess of who was posting what.  It is nice that one tiny corner of...
I've been looking around the internet for a recipe for palao but I know so little about the dish I have no idea if what I am reading ingredients-wise is correct.    Anyone out there who has a good palao recipe that they can share with me?   Thanks.
I've read largely good things about this phonics curriculum around the web but thought I'd ask the MDC ladies as well. Anyone have any specific thoughts on this curriculum who has used it for at least one entire level? Thanks!
We're using the Winter Promise "I'm Ready To Learn" materials. ETA: We also mix in Little Acorn Learning and Seasons of Joy, love both. My preschooler is just really excited about more academic material, probably because he has a big sis who is doing it. It is pretty easy to marry the WP curriculum in with the LAL and SoJ.
Quote: Originally Posted by thriftyqueen 29 kids in K is a lot especially if there is no aide. There is a full time aide in her public Kindy class. But next year in 1st grade, class size will remain the same but no aide.
Which would be more important to you? I am in a position to choose from three choices: 1) Small class size at a Christian school (12) that uses workbook based curriculum 2) Stay in public with a Kindy class size of 29 students 3) homeschool I am not in love with the curriculum of the Christian school but the hours are better and obviously the student/teacher ratio is far better. She would be away from home from 9-1 M-F. I personally like the Christian...
My kids love hard boiled eggs and we have them often as part of our breakfast for a great protein boost to start the day. But neither child likes the egg yolk, only the hard boiled egg white (not that I blame them, I don't really like yolk either unless it is render unrecognizable with mayo and mustard and paprika and restuffed in the whites as deviled eggs!). I am wasting the hard boiled egg yolk. Is there something I could be doing with it, some way to add it/hide...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna I found this part to be really interesting and succinct. Yes that part got me too. Instead of supporting the primacy of Peter and as such Papal supremacy it instead refutes it. I'm surprised they included that as an example in the ICSB. I'll go back and reread those parts in The Orthodox Church, thanks for the post! Arduinna, what other books are you reading on this topic? We briefly touched...
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