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oops double posted
3-4 dozen diapers is alot of diapers and cash for the wahm. I do not think a discount is tacky whatsoever. I think it would be only natural to assume some sort of discount in that circumstance.
Vendor's full name(s): Shelly Penix State/Country: TN, US Customer's Email(s):tyedyemomma@gmail.com Known Forum User IDs: Kindmomma Describe your experiences in the following categories- Communication: not answering emails within what I would consider normal time frame. Product/Return: Order Jan 11/06 Ladies Dress and 2 t-shirts $101.72, Order Jan 23/06 4 boys t-shirts $66.72, Order from instock at UM new colors for TDD boys tee $14 total = $182.44. Have not recieved...
Almond Joy Organic Soap Make sure you get some!
The new name reflects the wonderful soaps Whitney is now making. If you have not tried one they you ought to do that. The soap is totally luxe and she uses organic ingredients!!! :
Hummers are all gone now.
Hey you guys do not go back too far. I can remember Tutti Fruity applique aios and Poochies and when Cuddlebuns went for $35 and everyone thought it was horrible to pay that much for a diaper. Oh and Mollytogs were nice and Clothbaby! Hindsight diapers were cool and very popular then!
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