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the natural lamb colors are very nice.
That is awesome and baby is so sweet.
Beautiful embellishing and I dig it!!
has one of the best designed diapers out there and her style and creation is extraoridinary! I really love the elemental set. Too bad there are no xlarges. I might of begged dh for some cash.
I am a burnt out and withered hyena with no more gumption left in her.
are beautiful but way too small for my guy.
LHC - 2 toddler ov hand-dyed diapers with dragon embroidery on both Pattynaps - toddler velour giraffe diaper (just bought today) TCT- Wool knitted toddler pants by Marnie (kelly green, forest green, black) Dandelion Dreamers - Fruit shopping bag 6 - XL Fuzzibunz Orange Babydoll from a friend 4 yards of yellow sherpa 3 bolts of woven fabrics
get that giraffe print. I cannot wait to try the t&t quickdry.
and everything at that store is awesome looking.
IF you ever get bored of it sell it to me.
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