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I was recently in a health food store asking about diet supplements and there is this new product that is suppose to be BIG it is called FUCOTHIN by Garden of Life. I am a believer in Garden of Life's products but was wondering if anyone knows much about this product. Below is some info on the product I was interested on the results clinical study. http://www.mercola.com/products/fucothin/faq
I gave up sugar except for fruit for 5 weeks a few years ago and it was easy if I kept my protein level up. The worst part I did not loose 1 lb.....my clothes were a bit looser not much..not 1 lb!!!!
I am also wondering if anyone has taken her class.I had been following her site for a few years and seemed very well done.
Try ebay for supplies and medical wholesalers
My favorite part of Craigslist is the "Best-of-Craigslist " located on the left hand side of the screen . Lots of great stories and post.....cheap entertainment!
In the late 1990's, I had a friend who was a rep for a drug company. She told me she could find out if a Doctor was prescribing her products to patients by doing a search of pharmacies in a town with his DEA number. If he was always asking for samples and she could not find if her meds were being sold she would go out of her way to spend more time to educate his staff about her product and often would give less samples out. She was told by the company she represented to...
Check out your local Goodwill Store.
THe hint and tips above are the same I would recommend.
So many thoughts!! I gets so confusing!!!!
I have been offered a 1 bedroom timeshare -(sleeps 4) for under $1000.00 including maintenance fee,transfer fee, and cost of unit(deed),taxes .,to be used 1 week a year. Yearly fee and taxes are under $500.00 Is this a good deal ?
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