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I just started watching the first episode. abc.com has the episodes for each season on it's site. I watched season 4 but have never watched lost before that. I think I watched 3 episodes yesterday
I always thought I wanted 2 or 3. We have 2 right now and pretty sure we will have at least one more.
Quote: Originally Posted by hottmama I have a different problem, I'm 5'7" and "regular" pants are too short so I have to buy longs. Which is fine when they offer them, but they often don't make longs in my size. And things like pajamas NEVER come in long so all of my PJs are too short and look ridiculous on me. Also, I'm VERY allergic to spandex so that means I can't wear most jeans. Victorias secret has long length pj's I just got some...
Quote: Originally Posted by famousmockngbrd I saw an episode of Mythbusters where they tested this, and they weren't able to cause an explosion. And that's my .02 contribution. I saw this too - and they couldn't get anything to happen. I leave my two in the car while I pay at the pump. I also always get back in the car while I wait.
My kids are early birds and usually get up around 5 - 5:30. They are fine for a bit on their own in the mornings so I always stay in bed until 6.
I like the down jacket in black. If you read the description it says it has a two way zipper. I have a couple of wool coats that I never wear, they feel really dressy to me
I liked having siblings. I have three brothers and can't imagine anything else. My older brother and I fought a lot growing up but got along better in high school and even shared an apartment for a year in college. We all see each other a couple times a year and have a great time together. 3 of us had kids within 3 months of each other.
I use clippers to cut dh's hair - have since before we had kids. It's reallly easy since I cut it the same length all over. BUT when I was really pregnant w/ dd and distracted by 2 yr old ds running around I dropped the clippers while cutting dh's hair. Didn't even think about it and picked them up and started cutting again. The attachment on the clippers had popped off and I shaved a line right down the middle of dh's head
going to go light a candle now
I ebay dd's outgrown clothes twice a year. I've found that unless it's name brand (Gymboree, Hanna, mini boden) it's just not worth it. I did some large lots of her baby clothes and made almost nothing. I also find that I never make much on ds's clothes - even though they are brand name. But, I have lots of nephews younger than ds so they get hand me downs.
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