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OK almost all breech babies are turned vertex by 36 weeks. That being said another half of what still are breech will turn before term. Non invasive things you can do to encourage are the Webster technique, moxamustion, slant boards and gently encourage baby to turn with your hands (I wouldn't worry about monitoring you will not be forceful as they would be in the hospital) You can do that while on the slant board. Now is the time to be thinking about turning baby if...
[ "The ONLY class B anti-depressant is Wellbutrin." I have Zoloft listed as a Category B pregnancy in Medications and Mothers Milk
I once spent about 30 minutes talking to a mom at 24 weeks who had been dealing with an abrupting placenta since week 22. Then saw her light a cigarette! :
I finished a jar of pickles today and am drinking the juice LOL!!! Totally grosses DH out, tates SOOO good.' I had a good day today. Cleaned the house and cooked dinner. I am just sick in the early AM and at night now. I really think I must be farther along than I am. I usually an sick from 7-12 weeks and this time it started a little before 6 and is finishing up at 11. So I think I am 1 to 1.5 weeks off. Guess well see.
My reply button disappeared today too???
"I know many people think also that the risk of an amnio is high, at 1 in 200. But another way to look at that is 2%. That is about what the risk of miscarriage is anyway. Doctors don't accidentaly abort fetuses during an amnio, but there can be an increased risk of m/c. However, like a pp pointed out, a very experienced doctor could have a risk of 1 in 400, or maybe 1000 procedures with no miscarriages, so you can look for an experienced practitioner." However the risk...
Your thinking is a little wrong. The triple screen does not diagnois. It will only give you another statistical probability of having a Down's baby. You would then have to decide agian based on the stat they give you wether or not to have an amnio, and then 1 out of 3 Down's babies will not show up with a higher stat. prob. or a positive test. You also want to strongly consider what you will do with the results.
I am in the process of deciding wether or not to UC. I am having a fellow student give some care and have asked her to the birth, photos, woman help, etc. and also to be there just in case. I am comfortable that she will make herself scarce. Also very possible I will just not call her if I am doing fine. My problem is the know too much syndrome, I want to be able to labor not analyze my labor, so I almost want someone there as an opjective 3rd party LOL!
I heard the Heartbeat Went to a surprise breech birth last night. Lots of fun! Had prenatals all day and did my first PAP Smear, fun, fun. Tired now Amy think long and hard what you would want to learn from the testing. It will use an US to measure the back of the baby's neck. It is not really a guarantee either way that things are ok or not. WHat would you do if the test result was bad??? They cannot confirm until about 18 weeks with an amnio. You would have...
ekblad I would have you due Feb 15 and 11 weeks Amy your by my calc would be the 17th and 10 weeks 5 days Took into account cycle differences on both. I swear I am feeling movement today. Now I think I will get an U/S and see if my dates are right. I was unsure of when LMP was because I was mid move, so I totally guessed. And M/S started earlier than it usually does. Guess well see??
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