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I agree with staying away from norwich and new london. Mystic is a lovely town, but I recommend the stonington side rather than the groton side.
thank you for the link! I"m not a new or expectant parent, however.
my kiddos straighten their room every evening.
my 4 yr old (in full day kgarten) goes to bed at 9:30P and wakes at 7:30A.
Our beloved Labrador died while lying beside my DD who was three at the time. We had him cremated. We explained that his spirit went to live with God, and his body turned into special dirt that helps make trees and flowers grow. We will plan a tree this spring and sprinkle in some of that extra special dirt. She understands this concept completely and is excited to help care for the new tree.
Thank you!
Just looking to connect with other like minded families.
here is a free pattern for a child's felted coat: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/swing-thing   Maybe it will provide some helpful information?
I am so sorry.
I'm not sure.  I was sick, exhausted, 9 mo preg and chasing after a 2 yr old all day.    my best recollection would be:   I spent maybe an hour cutting out the pieces and sewing an hour stuffing 2 hours researching faces 30 min to sew the face once i had committed to a design 1 hour researching the best way to attach limbs 1 hour sewing on limbs a zillion hours learning how to crochet 2 hours crocheting the cap 2 hours attaching hair 20 min to sew the shirt 2 hours to...
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