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Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole730 We either have silence or Pandora - I found a 'channel' that plays kid's music I love! I know all the words to pretty much everything they play and I am thinking of getting the songs on iTunes. Once in awhile I do the regular radio. I do not use tv for background noise, I use it so DS has something to stare at while I put DD down for a nap What is the station called, if I may ask? I personally...
I'm thinking about getting this one but I need to research it further. Festive Ware
Quick mushroom costume: http://family.go.com/halloween-costu...-costume-1250/ I've also seen directions w/a sombrero hat.
We never spoke baby talk. We talked to my DD as though she understood normal speech patterns from birth.
I also have a two year old and am very exhausted from pregnancy. Our day goes roughly like this: 8am - wake up and fold laundry/straighten bedrooms (DD is responsible for putting clothes down the laundry chute and putting her clothes in her drawers). My DH brings the clean laundry up from the basement every morning before he leaves so it is ready and waiting for us. 8:30am - dd gets dressed and I do her hair and wash her face/brush teeth. 9am - dd plays in her room...
28 weeks and up 4 lbs.
it is SO EASY to make your own ranch dressing. maybe go that route? MSG gives me migraines so I stay away from it all the time.
I'm living in non-maternity yoga pants and long tee shirts. I'm a sahm though so I don't really have to worry about looking particularly professional.
Subbing for future reference. I get my TSH levels checked monthly during pregnancy.
i ate scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast with water and for lunch I had a hamburger with tomato and mustard, no bun.
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