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hi everyone, my dh has been offered a job in norwich, ct and i'm looking for all kinds of information. :)   we lived in the area years ago pre-kids and were not impressed with norwich/groton/new london and were thinking about living in westerly, ri.  is it still safe to say that westerly is a better choice for a crunchy family?  i have two LOs and am a sahm.  I'd prefer a place with a walkable downtown, a whole food/organic food source, and no-vax friendly pedi...
I adore DD blueberry muffins!  But not the lowfat kind.  No offense to lowfat blueberry muffin lovers but those things are GROSS.   
i cater to the special food requirements of my very-picky-eater relative because i love her.  i don't think that being a restricted/picky eater is something she is doing for fun especially to annoy me - she is very much mentally and physically stuck in the situation and i cook things she will enjoy when she is here as an act of solidarity, love, and comfort. 
no, but thank you for the compliment. :)      
fwiw when we took our LO of that age on a trip that long we took Amtrak.  We got a sleeper car and it was actually very pleasant!
  your dd is 2.5 yrs old?  my guess is that it would be easy to avoid the entire sex portion of where babies come from if that's what you'd prefer to do.  The subject came up when my dd was 2.5 and i simply told her that mamas have teeny tiny eggs inside them that can grow into a baby when a mama is ready.  When the egg is finished growing into a baby inside the mama's womb,  the mamas pushes the baby out through the vagina.    That was just the right amount of info for...
i suggest checking for allergies and also taking  her to the chiropractor to check for alignment issues.
thank you!  my dd loves her. :)
wow, she did an amazing job!  I find crochet to be a real challenge. 
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