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liked bella luna toys on fb.  
i liked mdc on fb.
if your gut is telling you not to leave your baby then don't permit yourself to be bullied!  I did not leave my DD until she was 12 mo because that was what was best for us.  i got a hard time from a lot of people but i stood firm.  OTOH if you "just" are feeling a little nervous about it, then talk to your care provider and see if that eases your mind.
  Colander: Strainer thingy:  
neither.  i'm never sure what the correct pronunciation is so i call it "that strainer thingy."
lol is that live as in "I live on the moon," or live like, "Live from NY, it's SNL?"
  i suggest locking all the doors upstairs during working hours.  hang a sign on your dh's office door that is red on one side (stop!  do not bother daddy!) and green (knock and come in!) on the other.  Maybe they could walk their dad to work in the morning and/or release him @quitting time by flipping the sign to the appropriate color. :)
oh!  i read it as smoke-er-ing, too!
i was breastfed until age 4.  we coslept and i was worn in a baby sling. i was born in the early 1970s.
i logged on today in hopes of finding the joke as well!
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