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  Sorry, i couldn't find a waving smilie and this was the next best thing.
i recently made my first waldorf doll and  i just wanted to share.   i bought my supplies from weir dolls and crafts: http://www.weirdollsandcrafts.com/ .  I purchased the joy's waldorf dolls 16 inch button button baby pattern and almost all the supplies on the supply list they provide on the weir website.  i did a crochet cap with rooted hair.  i'm very happy with how it turned out.  the only negative is that the button limbs and body shape mean that  the doll...
please enter me.   my husband wears our kids w/o hesitation, but sports-licensed carriers would sweeten the deal for him.  he picked our ergo out because it was one of our college team colors.
we cosleep and I tandem nurse our 3 yr old and 2 mo old.  Right now the 3 yr old is asleep in bed and the 2 mo old is asleep in my arms.  Here is how it works for us:   9pm - i nurse 2 mo old in living room.  she usually falls asleep but sometimes not.  DH sits on the couch and reads to 3 yr old.   9:30pm - I hand 2 mo old to DH and take 3 yr old.  If 2 mo old is awake, DH changes her and/or walks around with her.  I nurse 3 yr old for a couple of minutes and...
if you are nursing on demand, then you DO have liquids always available.  If not, you could have a cup of expressed breast milk or water out.  We never used a sippy cup ever and juice is not recommended for a 12 mo old at all, even watered down. 
fwiw if we have a hint that a rash is coming on (my ODD never had a diaper rash), I rinse well with water, pat dry, and put breastmilk on it.  Then I give DD as much time diaperless as I can (she is not mobile yet and I am a sahm so we hang out with some trifolds on my lap or loosely pinned on her).
i have never used diaper cream on either of my children. we use cloth.
Frontier. please.
i would not let my toddler wear pajamas to a store, but i wouldn't think badly of someone who did. 
i enjoy a knudsen spritzer or two every week.  IDK if that counts as soda or not.   http://www.rwknudsenfamily.com/products/spritzers
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