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We took amtrak with my DD when she was 12 mo and again when she was 23 and 24 mo.  Our trip is 13 hours and includes part of an overnight (3am -4pm one way and 7pm to 8am on the way back).  We get a sleeper room and really enjoy it.  I cosleep on the bottom bunk w/my dd and my dh slept on the top bunk.  My sleep wasn't wonderful but for the experience it is worth it.  We are planning another train trip this coming February and my newly 3 yr old DD is extremely excited.  
Yes.  They told me they don't have mp3s of that CD (and wouldn't make one). 
LOL I had no clue there was a Yahoo group - thank you for the suggestion. :)
I am 35 weeks preg and disk #2 has gone AWOL.  I called Hypnobabies and while they can send me a replacement CD, they are shipping from the other side of the country and I need it now, not in a week or two.  Does anyone have the CD#2 tracks in an electronic version that they could share with me?  I can provide a photograph of everything to show that I've already purchased it and that I'm just missing one disk.  I found a pirated version online but I REALLY don't want to...
None.  My DD loves the Santa story, but she knows it is pretend and said she wasn't interested in pretending that Santa was bringing gifts.
I vote for very rude.  Every pregnancy is different and she has no right to judge your capabilities - only you can do that.  I personally am having horrible hip issues and can only stand for 30 min, tops.  I can barely walk around the block.  I think in your case I would have glared at her and said, "I'm so glad that you had uneventful pregnancies - I unfortunately am dealing with some complications and I need you to respect my limitations."  Then I would have walked away.
Hugs to you.  Is your dh healthy?  He might look into donating plasma.  It's like donating blood but they pay, and it sounds like every bit could help.  I have not done this myself but I do know many people are to help their finances.
maybe you could take a generics sweater vest pattern and duplicate stitch a penguin on it?   This mama has a dup stitch chart of a penguin: http://hyenacart.com/HandmadeByMama/mt/1214/94855/Holiday-Chart-Penguins
But you and your DH are working on getting out of there, no?  And then YOU will be the mama in charge of creating a wonderful thanksgiving for your own little ones and you and your DH can work on creating your own traditions and wonderful memories.  Once you no longer live there you can most certainly take control of your own holiday and chose not to share it with your inlaws.  Maybe by next year you can be free of it all. 
I've got something else for your list - it appears that when a post is edited the fact that it was edited after the originally posting is not noted on the post, nor is there a place to indicate why it was edited.      eta:  testing the edit.
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