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I'm not yet a parent, but as someone who was once parented myself I wanted to say that I think the very best thing a parent can do is model healthy attitudes toward food and weight. Kids hear what you say, but even more than that they look to how you treat your own body as a model for how to treat theirs. Sorry if that was overly simplistic -- I know this is a complex issue and parents have many individual factors and/or outside influences to deal with.
Wow, that's quite a thread title!! Sorry that happened to you!
Quote: Originally Posted by zoebugsmom I like Clementine. Tess seems too nicknamy to be a full first name to me. Agree with this. Tessa would be a bit better. But I love the rest of the names you've picked!
Do you have a friend you could trust to watch your kids for a bit while you go out and clear your head? Family? I'm so sorry you are having a hard time.
This thread is disgustingly awesome!!! Can't believe I didn't find it before.
I'd probably bring a trusted caregiver, like my mom or MIL, with us for the weekend and have her stay with the baby during the day. IMO, part of one day is not an unreasonable amount of time for a baby and mother to be separated. Working mothers do it all the time. I also think that if the couple getting married wants a kid-free reception, that is their right. I wouldn't dream of asking the couple to make an exception for me unless I was *really* close to them, like...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamatosaskia Why is it that people can't ask for gifts with a second child?? I don't see the problem, especially since the second child is its own person and deserves to be celebrated as much as the first. Our neighbors are throwing us a shower and we told people that no gifts are required BUT if they do want to give us gifts we asked for a frozen meal for the post partum time OR a week's worth of diaper service. I don't see...
Quote: Originally Posted by JessasMilkMama When people throw parties at Chuck E. Cheese, or they rent a space @ the park, whatever, they PAY. Guests arent expected to pay for the pizza or bouncer or anything. When you throw a party, you are the host, you provide what the guests need. Completely agree. If I thought the entrance fee was too expensive, I'd just host the party someplace cheaper. But I do have to say that the way the OP went...
I wouldn't allow a 7-year old to sleep in our room under normal circumstances or for an extended period of time. I'd try to find other ways of making her feel more secure. But it sounds like this may be a temporary solution, and it's working for you, so hey -- do whatever works for your family.
I like Amanda. She seems like a nice, smart, down to earth girl.
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