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I'm 37, will be 38 a month or so after this babe arrives. With my first, one of my doctor's (at a PREVIOUS practice, although not for this reason) said to me the first time he saw me "well, you started late" I was both andlaughup at him. But I was nice and boring despite being "advanced maternal age".
GIRL!! I am totally shocked and over the moon about it. We did not find out last time and did not plan to this time, but after my amnio last week I couldn't stand not knowing, so when they called with the results today I asked and at first I thought I heard wrong, but nope!! I really thought we were having another little boy. I still feel like maybe they gave us the wrong person's results! Now we just have to come up with some name ideas....... Kelly
Congratulations Mama!! And hugs....We are expecting #2, and have not yet found out what it is, but I am having a really hard time thinking it may be another boy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my son, but I too was dreaming of some frilly pink things, and as this may be our last, I am sad at the possibility that I won't get that. We did not find out the sex with DS, and didn't plan to with this one, but I find I really want to know now...maybe so I can adjust if it is a boy. But...
My DS has always been very physical- pulling up around 4 months, cruising VERY WELL by 8 months, although decided not to let go and walk until 11.5 months. His verbal skills are also pretty advanced. I can't remember when he first started talking but now, at 21 months, he has, I would say, 200-300 words, and can speak in 4-5 word sentences, although he doesn't always. However, he isn't very interested in things like puzzles, but more into opening and closing things.
I did very well my first pregnancy(had no m/s or tiredness AT ALL)- running and strength training up until 24 weeks, when pubic pain got the best of me, and then walking and strangth training until 37 weeks, when DS sat firmly on my sciatic and I could barely stand much less walk, etc. This time, I haven't been working out except for Occ. walks- DS is very high needs, so I didn't have much time before I got pg, and then the 1st tri I was exhausted, sick, and DH was...
I am impatiently waiting to feel this baby move too! I am 15 weeks, but this is #2. However, I didn't feel 1 until 23 weeks!! So don't worry if you can't feel anything for a while....so many people made me feel like something was wrong (including dear old mom). Hope we all feel it soon! Kelly
I was SO good my 1st pregnancy........this time it's completely different: I am not eating nearly as healthy as I should be although I have been cooking nice meals at home. Since I couldn't tolerate ANYTHING to drink for the 1st 11-12 weeks other than Coke, I have consumed WAY more than I should, and don't see that really chaning anytime soon, although I HAVE started drinking more water as well. I worked out 3-4 days per week last time: strength training, walking,...
No answers, but just wanted to say my DS (ALSO almost 21 months old 10-2-06) does this periodically. However, he has been doing it for.....oh, probably since he was about 8-9 months old, maybe longer. So not really sure what to blame it on, maybe cognitive development is a good thought. Sometimes he will do it a few days in a row, other times it is just once every couple weeks. It is a KILLER though. good luck for tonight being better. \ Kelly
Hi all! I am 13 weeks pregnant, and will have to spend Friday and Saturday evening outside in a pretty buggy area. I have a natural kid's bug repellent containing the following ingredients, and was wondering if they are safe to use: peppermint 2% citronella 10% cedar 1.5% lemongrass 1% geranium 0.05% Any info or links would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Kelly
Hi everyone. I have a 20 mo DS with whom I am *trying* to practice GD....I was raised in a spanking household, and while I don't feel scarred by it, I want something better for my kids. He is fairly high needs still. Lately there has seemed to be an increase in the hitting/kicking/pushing from him directed at us, other kids, pets, etc. All developmentally normal, I know. We have tried very hard to be consistent with "we don't _____" "______ing hurts" and have tried...
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