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RCR: Aww, so sweet. :-) My DD is currently OBSESSED with Raffi! I want to throw the cd out the car window these days. But ordinarily I do love Raffi.   Aura: 4 cm!! It has to be soon and hopefully it will go nice a quick (but not TOO quick)! Can't wait for an update!   Laura: I hope you're holding your precious baby boy by now! Been thinking of you. :-)   Cindy
Great job Courtney! You should be so proud! Running a household with 4 littles and you still did an amazing job!!!   It's amazing what 2 doses of abx will do. I am feeling more human today!!   Cindy
I've never left her for a playdate either except at 2 of my friends houses that I've known and spent time with on a weekly basis since M was 2 months old. I def wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her alone with anyone from preschool or anything like that, even thoough I see those parents every single time I drop off/pick up at school. We have done preschool playdates but I always stay.   Ugh I have bronchitis. I feel like total crud. Just got back from doc and got a...
Laura-Belle: OMG!!!! So excited for you!!! Happy birthing. I'll be thinking of you. I hope all goes smoothly and you have the birth you want. :-)    Aura: Wow, where does the time go? I cannot believe you are about to meet those babies!!!   cindy
Sourire: Yay!!!! I loved reading your post! So so happy for you!!! :-)   Cindy
X: I'm sorry about the low AMH. I am not sure - can AMH change up and down over time? I know it is a better indicator than FSH but I'm not sure it's set in stone either. I am so sorry you got such a lame doc. Please find someone else who believes in you and has experience with DOR! That's interesting about the progesterone - do they think that is connected to DOR? I've never heard about that happening before. Would you consider donor egg/embryo if it came to that? I have...
X: Don't give up! I am no doc but having DOR myself and having been on many boards with other women with DOR, I just don't think you have it if you had 15 to begin with. AMH will definitely shed a lot of light. I know waiting is the absolute devil when all you want is to be pregnant yesterday - but I am so hopeful that time will indeed return your body to it's normal state. I am so sorry you are dealing with this! Interesting about the dex. What does the dex do in an IVF...
RCR: So happy for you!!!!   I was scared to join a DDC too. But I still talk to some of the mamas from the DDC with my older daughter and our kids are over 4 yrs old! So once I got past the first half of my preg with DD2 I did join one. That one turned out to be lame though - no one talks anymore and our babies are still little.   Cindy
Blue: I love the name you chose. I am so delighted your miracle baby is earth side! Enjoy and I hope you are recovering well. Can't wait to hear the birth story and see some pics when you have some time. :-)   Cindy
Mal: Awesome news!! And yikes, that sounds so stressful! But if you survive your move, you get to go to Jamaica! So wonderful to have that to look forward to! Are the kids going with you? Let us know when you hear about the house you are putting an offer on!   AFM: Makenna gets her casts off on Thursday. Was supposed to be yesterday but the braces weren't done in time. They still probably won't be in then so they are having to come up with another solution. She has...
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