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X: I'm just here cheering people on. I would love a 3rd but i don't think dh and i have it in us to go thru ivf again! So maybe we will get pregnant naturally, but it's pretty unlikely. 
Oooooo Blue!!! Sending happy birthing vibes your way!!! I hope that when I check in here tomorrow you'll be holding your sweet little one!   Cindy
Lilac: Congratulations!!!! :-)   X: I'm so sorry you are having these problems!! I managed to raise my AFC from 2 to 9 (it was 9 on my IVF cycle). Of course I don't think I ever had 15 to start with! Mine has always been low since I started seeing the RE. I've gotta think that you're still somehow suppressed? It seems odd to go from 15 to 2 or 3 and have all your other numbers be ok. What did the doc say? Did he think more time would make a dif? The things I did to...
RCR: I love the gigantic smiley face on your ticker!!! 
Yay RCR!! Such happy news!!!! I'm sorry it wasn't twins. But yay for a potentially easier pregnancy and homebirth! I had a homebirth this time - pretty awesome. :-) One strong healthy bean!!!!      Cindy
Nilla: Hi!! How are you?   Sue: I am so sorry that you had to go through losing a baby. But it's really cool that is made you and your DH realize that you do indeed want a third child! I was wondering if you were going to choose to go ahead and get the birth control or to try again. I am excited for you. I hope that it is as easy for you to conceive again and that you get your sticky baby! I can't stop thinking about a third baby. I know I really should not. I've...
Shesaid: Great pic! I'm glad everything turned out ok. Congrats on your little boy! I'll keep your mom in my thoughts.   Tear: Yay!!! Congrats on your big baby boy!!! You are a warrior mama. What an intense labor! Rest up and enjoy those baby snuggles.   Blue: Glad baby passed the test with flying color! I think they just slow down a lot once they are so cramped - never hurts to be cautious though if it doesn't seem right to you. Can't wait until he is in your...
Sue: Thinking of you!    Courtney: Wow, a whole month? Exciting! Are you doing school work while there? I know what you mean about missing your husband even though you live together. My DH leaves before we get up, gets home at like 7:30 - in time to help with bed. Then he often goes to sleep for the night with Makenna since he usually snuggles her to sleep. I'm looking forward to that all changing now that he will get off at 5 and be home in like 30 minutes. Would be...
Tear: I am so excited for you!! And I think it's awesome they used a foley bulb instead of meds! Sounds like it is working. :-)   RCR: I think my beta was around 5k at the 1 week later beta - I'm betting you have 2 in there! They should be able to see how many sacs - it's just maybe too early for a heartbeat.    Cindy
Tear: Hoping everyone is healthy and baby decides to come soon!   Cindy
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