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Oh Sue, I'm so sorry!!! Emotional roller coaster is right. Hugs!! Nothing much one can say to make this right. You will be in my thoughts!!
Yay Lilac! Sorry if you explained this already, but how come you are doing a 2 day transfer? Is it bc you had to travel and stay in a hotel?  I only have 1 embryo and wanted a 2 day transfer but my clinic made me wait until day 3. Yay for an awesome report!   Cindy
Oooo Blue!!! I wonder if this is the start of labor???? Bloody show has been the first sign of labor for me both times!!! And my contractions started off feeling like period cramps. I guess we'll see if they get stronger! I lost my mucous plug in the middle of labor the first time (a few hours in) and a week or 2 before the second time. it was so disgusting - came out like a golf ball sized wad of phleghm. It had no blood in it and often does not unless you are in labor...
I just wanted to come on here and vent and to warn all you ladies! My husband is taking a new job and will be considered self-employed so we have to get our own health insurance (not on a group plan). I just applied a few days ago and I found out today that i was denied! Turns out Cigna just straight denies anyone who has had any infertility treatment in the last 5 years - even though their stupid plan doesn't even cover infertility treatments! So now I have to shop...
me - i felt none. i barerly had morning sickness at all. just a few cravings. 
Yay Laggie! That is a fantastic number!! Way more than double!! Love seeing your name on the BFP list!   Lilac: Good luck tomorrow! I hope you feel tons better once all those eggies are out of you.   This thread is on a roll. Lilac and Sourire - you guys are next to be on that list!   Cindy
We use cloth diapers and wipes. I just use flannel receiving blankets that i cut up. I soak in water and store in a wipe warmer. No disposables. i use disposabe wipes when out and they cause iritation sometimes. 
Holy  crap Tenzin!!!! Yay!!!! That was easy! :-)   Cindy
Blue: Feel better soon! I was a bit sick when I had DD. I kept feeling like I had to cough after DD was born (like right after) and I could feel my insides moving around in all that extra space. The midwife's assistant actually bound my belly with a cut up sheet so I could cough and not feel like that! I have heard though that some stuffiness could be a sign of impending labor. As for the clothes - nope, I didn't ask for them back and don't want them back. We are not...
Laggie: Praying for a great and doubling beta! My friend had a first beta of 48 and she ended up having identical twins in there!   RCR: My beta at 15 dpo was 373 and I had one. You are a day further ahead. That said, beta base had said I had the average beta for triplets at 15 dpo! So I definitely think you *could* have twins in there. The better way of knowing is how fast it doubles. My friend who has two sets of twins from IVF (and moderates the multiples board on...
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