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The fact is that the corporates have parents signed up at their shower registrations, and they are not even aware.
Thanks, Moniter!
After being stupid enough to agree to a hospital birth against our common sense, and after our newborn babe had a pneumothorax due to the aggressive resucitationr land lan on the counter stating "NO CIRC" While waiting for our baby to be transferred across town, didn't know if he would even LIVE , we were asked REPEAPet dly if we wanted his penis cut! WTF! 4 or 5 times the questio n was presented!!! Priorities in US birth?! With our dismal mortality rates? Con...
Anyone else notice the irony of her plans for nursing school in the only country in the world where she would undoubtedly particpate in (non-religious) circing infant boys without their consent? (I realize she herself is likely unaware of this)
Dh just called me from work. Someone has approached him to get our opinion on their baby's situation. Seems he was circed, I didn't get age, assuming quite young, now dr. is telling parents that "too much skin remains, it will cover the urethra, and may cause infection. Advising another circ," of course! I reminded dh of the 50% rate of this complication with Mogen clamp circs, advised that the chance of skin "covering urethra" is almost non-existant, and shared this...
Congratulations on your beautiful birth! Enjoy your lovely babe!
Wonderful news! Not "hokey" at all. You might also consider finding a doctor, preferably a chiropractor, who does cold laser and who uses Standard Process (a clinical whole food company) who can instruct you on using SP Wheat Germ Oil (I wouldn't recommend commercial stuff) to encourage cell regeneration. You can go to standardprocess.com to find a practitioner. Might be a fine compliment to what you are already doing. Wishing you well!
Not doing anything special with our five year old here. I remember when my 22yo and 18yo were 15 or 16, I reminded them to r-r-r. Less instruction than I felt my daughters needed in that area. FWIW, my sons both have GF who are much more loyal than I think they should be... Someone else on this board (I think European?) mentioned that in Europe, no one freaks out about normal penises. These kinds of questions are nonexistant elsewhere. Relax!
Thanks for sharing! When did this air?
Many times, the issue is *pasteurized* milk products, and whole or natural milk products are quite healthful. Try wapricefoundation.org or a similar site to access real, natural, raw dairy. It is difficult to achieve calcium requirements through veg alone. Soy products have their own issues, such as phytoestrogens... Good luck!
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