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1 pair old trousers - binned 1 book - donated 1 rusty bucket - binned   258+3=261/2013
ooops.... it's been a while since I updated    This week's haul....   Taken to the waste/recycling centre: 4 rusty old garden chairs 1 rusty table 1 old broken seat 1 old laundry basket   Donated: 34 clothing items 5 pieces of play jewellery 1 bag   Electrical recycling bag: 1 old modem   Binned: 1 pile miscellaneous crafty bits/threads etc. 1 v. old pair runners 2 old mismatched socks   206+52=258/2012 
5 instruction manuals for already-decluttered electronics   185+5=190/2013   adding a few more....   2 cardboard boxes 1 big pile of papers 3 magazines 5 annuals 5 random bits of toys   190+16=206/2013
I was about to say "I'm in Ireland so it might not be any good to you..." but then I saw your username :) I get them from photobox - you just upload all your pics then arrange & rearrange the pages :) , this type... http://www.photobox.co.uk/shop/photo-books/square-spiral-softcover-photobook I think the spiral binding works very nicely for a child's book & they do lots of bright coloured backgrounds & cutesy pictures that you can add to the pages etc. so DD enjoys helping...
So far DD (6 years) is our main artist but DS (2 years) has started producing his own work too :) We keep a few special pieces for their boxes but mostly I photograph and recycle!   As stuff gets created at home or comes home from school it goes on the fridge for a few days then into a cupboard. We sort through this every few weeks & recycle most of it, keeping the bits DD likes best. Any 3-dimensional creation involving food containers that comes home from school is...
Good luck!!!!   Just a little bit from today...   Binned/Recycled 1 old craft set 1 bag of random bits & pieces   Donated 1 book   182+3=185/2013
Cleared out 2 drawers in the kitchen that are used for the kids' play stuff - play dough cutters, paintbrushes etc. - dumped lots of old/broken/used-up bits & sorted out the rest... The drawers are lovely and useable now and a lot of junk dumped Binned/recycled... 1 bag random rubbish 1 bag random recyclables 2 old colouring books 1 magazine 1 broken toy car 176+6=182/2013
Cleared off a high shelf of "really useful" stuff in the kitchen, all covered in a layer of dust so hmmm... guess I don't use them as much as I thought :) Off to a new home they go!   3 glasses 2 cups 4 oddly-shaped bowls 1 pile of papers 1 too-huge lunch box 1 cardboard box   164+12=176/2013
4 items of clothing - donated 5 boxes of tiles - freecycled 2 phone books - recycled 153 + 11 = 164/2013
1 pair old holey shoes - binned 1 wooden futon base - freecycled 151+2=153/2013
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