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Thanks for this! I decided yesterday that I am a reactive rather than proactive housekeeper so that's why I always feel like I am 2 steps behind the work. Not this year, I am all about changing the way I look after the house!!! I've started using the app and so far I like it :) Now... I probably I should be doing something else right now but this is my "quiet time" and I'm off to make some tea :)
Binned: 2 dried-out glue pens 1 old toy 4  old paints 2 old insoles 1 old slipper   Recycled: 2 pairs plastic cinema glasses 1 catalogue     151+13=164/2013
Donated: 8 items of clothing Recycled: 1 bag of random papers 142+9=151/2013
Joining in again this year, I ran out of steam mid-January last year, and midway through 2011, but I did manage to get to the goal in 2010, so hopefully I'll do it again this year! I've guesstimated the amount of clothes, books & cardboard boxes as they are already bagged up/gone :)   So.. the haul so far over the Christmas/New Year:   Rehomed: 1 sling 1 set of motivational cards   Sent to electrical recycling: 1 old printer 1 cfl bulb 3 old...
  Did some tackling of the spare bedroom/junk room today....   binned: 1 odd glove 2 blah Christmas decorations 1 pair very old sandals 1 pair very old runners 2 odd socks   recycled: 1 old toy 1 pile random plastic stuff   donated: 1 pair gloves 1 bra 2 pairs baby slippers 1 pair sandals 5 pairs socks 3 baby vests 1 pregnancy bump support belt 1 hat 8 pillowcases 4 sheets 1 brooch 1 baby mobile 2 books   2 tasks cleared off (mental clutter) to-do list: - hung some...
  Cleaned out the shed yesterday woohoo! But actually discovered that everything was just really badly thrown in there, so once I fixed things back on shelves etc. I didn't have a huge amount to declutter :)   30-ish random shed things - binned   1 item ticked off mental clutter to-do list (clean out shed)   249+31=280/2012  
charity shop: 7 clothes hangers 2 baby-gros   binned: 1 bag of mouldy clothes pegs   to a friend: 1 too-small dress-up costume   5 things ticked off mental cluttery to-do to-do list: - repurposed old torn princess dress into ballet costume for DD - installed baby locks on kitchen cupboards - bolted fruit & veg trolley to wall (it was just too tempting for DS to push around the kitchen) - made a "lost socks" peg board to corral all the lone...
Thanks for the list nstewart, there are a lot of us here!   From today:   recycled: 3 cardboard boxes  1 old shoebox 1 bag of shredded papers that were in the old shoebox 1 old gift box 7 random plastic thingies   sent to the city waste recycling place: 1 light fitting 2 old fluro bulbs 1 bag broken electrical stuff   donate: 2 tops   removed from mental cluttery to-do list: 2 items (installed lock on under-sink cupboard, got...
Not much today...   1 already-outgrown baby snowsuit - to a friend 1 unused apron - donate 2 things crossed off my mental-clutter "house to-do" list - hung up the spice rack, filled small hole left by plumber in wall.   208+4=212/2012
rushing by.... adding today's total: 15 things (mostly rubbish)   193+15=208/2012
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