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Donated: 3 books  5 child-size clothes hangers 1 top 2 reusable shopping bags     232+11=243/2011
Ugh, I have no luck with wicker stuff. And I hate mold!!! So I was utterly un-delighted to discover that the wicker basket I bought a while ago to hold our reusable bags in the hallway had gotten covered in furry mold and also infected some of the bags. There is no recovering from mold in my eyes, it is so yucky, into the bin they all go... I suspect a wet bag snuck in there and festered, that'll learn me :) Ugh I feel so moldy now    Binned: 1 very moldy gross...
Thanks Graceie :)   Adding:   donate: 1 book 1 reusable bag 1 item of clothing   216+3=219/2011
Whew, you've all been busy, I've just caught up! I've been away from this thread for the past two weeks but during that time I added something rather wonderful to our home...  our new little boy arrived on Jan 27th, such a little cutie! So I've been busy with newborn snuggles and my lovely DH has been looking after the house stuff :)   But today I took a little step back on the decluttering train...   23 items clothing - charity 1 tv - to a friend   also...
Another huge pile of digiscrapping things sorted and trashed, so good to get this all organised :)     191+1=192/2011
1 more task completed out of my to-do box (which is an annoying source of mental clutter for me) : A bundle of felt scraps & spare buttons turned into very funky Klean Kanteen cover for DD    191+1=192/2011
I hit 41 weeks yesterday so the decluttering has majorly slowed down as I get more huge and tired  Not long now though!!     I did use the constant sitting down as an opportunity to go through my massive amount of digiscrapping files and ruthlessly weed out stuff I no longer liked/used. My mantra was a combination of "just because it was free doesn't mean it's worth keeping" and "just because I paid for it doesn't mean it's worth keeping"  So a lot of stuff deleted...
Donated: 2 books   Shredded & Recycled: 2 bags of papers   176+4=180/2011
Our city council bulky goods collection has just passed by and collected our stuff so I can add:   Binned:   2 decrepit coffee tables 1 huge suitcase prone to spontaneously bursting open even when locked :)   173+3=176/2010
Sorted through lots of boxes in the attic today (we are still unpacking after our house move in October), managed to get books onto shelves and organise storage items like Christmas decorations etc. into plastic boxes with lids instead of their current cardboard boxes. Determined to get rid of all the cardboard boxes, some have been moving house with us since 1999!   Recycled: 14 cardboard boxes 2 bags of glass bottles   Donated: 1 huge fabric Christmas...
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